Top Ten Girly Girl Stereotypes

I'm not a girly girl (I'm not a tomboy either), but these are the common stereotypes about girly girls.

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1 Their favorite color is pink
2 They are ditzy
3 They are anti-feminist
4 They hate tomboys

Not true. My 9 yr old cousin is part girly girl and I'm a tomboy and we like to hang out together during family parties.

It’s just the Stereotypical tomboys I loath. - TopTennerPerson

This is true about a good portion (I repeat: A good portion, not all) of the ones I’ve encountered to be honest. They call me sexist for supposedly hating all girly girls even though I’ve clearly stated that I was only referring to some of them, then they start spewing out bull about how not some, but all tomboys are transgender and violent. I understand completely why people are upset with some of the things I said. I get it. I wasn’t in the right either, and I’m sorry, but I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: I do not hate all girly girls. I only hate the bad ones. - 3DG20

5 They don't swear

I was girly when I was a kid but I love swearing since I was 10 - RoseCandyMusic

6 They are mean
7 They own a lot of pink things
8 They are weak

I'm a girl and I am very strong!

9 They wear too much makeup
10 They don't like horror movies

I'm a girl and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE horror movies

The Contenders

11 They only hang out with girly girls
12 They love dresses and skirts

I'm not a girly girl, but a womanly woman. I wear dresses and skirts most of the time, I very rarely swear and I despise violence. Really only these three items apply to me. - Britgirl

Look I was girly when I was a kid I own a lot of dress but I never own a skirt - RoseCandyMusic

13 They love boy bands

Again, I was girly when I was a kid but I never have an interest to listen to boy bands - RoseCandyMusic

Uhh if I like stuff like TØP, P! ATD, My Chemical Romance does that count?!

14 They say "like" and "OMG" a lot
15 They aren't violent
16 They worship princesses

I worship queens - Nonpointed

17 They are straight

I am the biggest girly girl yet I am bisexual. Yes, technically I'm half straight but I mostly lean more towards the lesbian side. I have never dated a guy before only had crushes while I have dated 2 girls so far (both were girly to). Being gay doesn't mean you don't contribute to the gender roles assigned to your gender.

18 They want to be housewives

I am very girly yet I don't like the idea of being a housewife. While I would love to have kids I don't want to be stuck in the house cleaning and cooking all day long! I want to be a doctor/nurse.

19 They like wearing Jewelry
20 They are stupid
21 They like to play with dolls and tea parties
22 They want prince charming
23 They cry a lot
24 They hate sports
25 They like Taylor Swift
26 They are obsessed with shopping
27 They don't play video games
28 They are clean freaks
29 They get overexcited when they get a picture of a boy

My ears really hurt by now because my roommates in boarding school always overreact when a boy sends them a picture. I mean just his arm.

30 They hate getting dirty
31 They love romantic movies
32 They hate action movies
33 They flirt with practically every boy they see

Yep...can’t stand the girly girls who do this. And while I know that not all of them do it, let’s be honest: the majority of girly girls (and actually most girls in general) flirt almost constantly.

34 They are over dramatic

a stereotype they deserve. Most of them are over dramatic

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1. They hate tomboys
2. They wear too much makeup
3. Their favorite color is pink
1. Their favorite color is pink
2. They are anti-feminist
3. They are ditzy


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