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This is a list of my personal favorite Glee couples through out the seasons of this incredible T.V. show. Please let me know your opinion and which couple you like the most.

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1 Kurt and Blaine

KURT AND BLAINE AR LITERALLY MY EVERYTHING I can't JUST SIMPLY DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM. In MY opinion they hace the most amazing LOVE story EVER. HOW can I begin? Well, at the beginning we have KURT AND he was lonely even though he has Glee he had Karofsky bullying him all the time, he was...lost. AND they suddenly this amazing golden eyed warbler comes unto his life AND with JUST one song he stole his heart as well as ours . BLAINE was his white knight , his CANDLE in the darkness, his mentor AND best friend. As time pass AND thanks to the death of Pavarotti, BLAINE warbler discovers that KURT was the one person he had been looking for his soulmate, his true love. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE! You can see that the way they LOVE each Other is so pure, truthful AND so sincere. Yes, maybe there were some complications in season 4 AND 6, but you know what? It just proved that their LOVE is endless AND undestroyable no matter what They Judy can't never get enough of each Other. They ARE ...more

They have been through a lot. They had an equal relationship throughout the show. At the start, Blaine tried to help Kurt to stand up to bullies and he showed him how amazing things can be when you are just being yourself and he gave him love and hope. Later on, Kurt supported and loved Blaine through everything and he was absolutely forgiving towards him.

My everything, best ship in the show their scenes made me express emotions I never new I had.

When “Glee” first aired, I was struggling with coming to terms with my sexuality. There were few mainstream television characters who were around my age and were openly gay, enter Kurt Hummel. I loved Kurt, but the context of his character honestly terrified me. One season two, the fact that he had to transfer schools because of bullying made me very worried about coming out, something I was feeling more and more I would need to do sooner, rather than later. And then came Blaine, a confident, happy, well-adjusted out gay character. Much as he inspired Kurt, he inspired me, minus their sexual tension. When they get together, it showed out, proud, gay love that was as tender and moving as any teenage love. It was Angela due to their coupling and success that I found the confidence to come out when I did, a little over five years ago. Honestly, I loved their breakups because they provided good song opportunities and I had enough trust in the writers to believe they would one out the ...more

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2 Brittany and Santana

They started out as friends, but then developed such a strong love story.

They are THE BEST COUPLE EVER! They have so much chemistry and the signs of them being together were there since season 1. They were always meant to be together. As best friends and as more than just friends.

Even though their relationship was rocky, you knew that they would always be together.

Love them

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3 Tina and Mike

They are awesome and it was great they had so much trust in each other and were always there to support each other. Only thing I didn't like was that there were 2 asians on the show and they had to date.

They were the couple that lasted the longest and they never had any cheating issues or whatever in the past, they broke up because of long distance and they stayed friends afterwards.

They were the best couple on the show, they should have ended up together.

I loved this couple so much and they had such great chemistry together. Both Harry Shum Jr. And Jenna Ushkowitz were brilliant and I really wished they ended the show together.

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4 Finn and Rachel

Their chemistry is incredible. Their voices sound so good together!

Rachael and Finn had a connection no one else had most of he movie was about those two when Finn died it was devastating. For all of the Gleeks out there

They are the cutest together best couple ever - soidc

I love them and I'm sad they didn't have their happy ending

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5 Will and Emma V 2 Comments
6 Marley and Jake

They are new characters in the show and I love them so much together.



ugh euw

7 Brittany and Sam

WAY better than her and santana

I liked Brittana better, but Brittany and Sam have good chemistry and they seem good together.

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8 Quinn and Sam

They weren't together for long, but they are so cute!

They look ethereal together. Blond perfection make seriously cute babies

9 Quinn and Rachel

They should've happened. This ship was powerful.

10 Sam and Mercedes

So much love and mutual respect for each other!

They were perfect



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11 Tina and Artie

During Season 1 they were such a cute and lovable couple! I miss them together, even though I ship Tike!

12 Brittany and Artie

Love them way better than her and Santana again

no just no

13 Quinn and Puck

This is my favorite couple on the show. What I like about them is, through their toughest moments, they always managed to be there for each other. When Quinn got pregnant, Puck was there to help her with anything and everything that she needed. When Quinn was having some issues at the start of season 3, Puck was there to restore her to her true self. When Puck got a second chance to take his exam, Quinn made sure he passed. When it was Thanksgiving time, Puck was there to finish Quinn's next line in the song. When Quinn was dating the wrong guy, Puck helped her see that he was all wrong with her, and that she belonged with her friends in the choir room. He also helped her see that she should break up with Biff, and they officially began dating. So you see, Quick was always meant to be, from beginning to end.

Just yes, despite what Quinn thought these two make the best couple by far.



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14 Sam and Quinn
15 Kitty and Artie

The most unexpected couple in the show so far. Kitty is actually a better person when she's with Artie.

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16 Will and Holley

Their connection when Holley sang do you wanna touch? and when they sang Kiss together..

17 Rachel Berry & Jesse St. James

You can't deny the look of pain when Jesse threw the eggs. He has so many regrets, many about her, and in the end he cane through. And look at when Rachel won the tony, she looked so happy to be with him, and with him, she could reach her goals.

Someone wrote that Rachel is an awful singer...umm...What?

LOVE THEM BEST COUPLE EVER! Rachel and Finn's voices sound awful together Rachel is an awful singer but she sounds good with Jesse.

This two couples are might for each other I think this Darlings should be together this two are might to be
I do think I should Vote for this two sweethearts should be together Because this two I love this two couples
I will put my thumbs up for this two I am sure Jesse and Rachel should be together as
boyfriend and girlfriend this two make me happy so much so I am Vote for Jesse and Rachel to be together

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18 Kitty and Marley

Even though it wasn't a thing, they would've been one of the cutest couples in Glee

19 Quinn and Finn
20 Jacob Ben Israel and Rachel
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