Best Glee Couples

This is a list of my personal favorite Glee couples through out the seasons of this incredible T.V. show. Please let me know your opinion and which couple you like the most.

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1 Kurt and Blaine

Ah, these two. They are soulmates and of course, they know it. From the moment they laid eyes on each other we knew that a great love story was about to begin. Sure, they had some downsides during the 5 seasons we saw of them, but they overcame all of that because they love each other! They love each other so much and seeing that on the screen can either make you believe that you have a soulmate too out there or that you just want to find someone that looks at you the same way Kurt and Blaine look at each other. And even through all the heartache, they still married each other and it sure was the best thing they ever did. I'll forever be grateful for Puck telling Kurt to go and spy on The Warblers, for Sue locking them in that elevator (sure, it wasn't the smartest idea, but hey can you come up with anything better? Cause I can't.) and for Sue, Brittany and Santana for convincing them to 'put a ring on it' (I'm not sorry). All in all, I love them as a couple and I'm so glad that we ...more

Kurt and blaine are adorable

Simple: I would die for them periodt

I LOVE klaine so much. You can tell how much they love each just in the way the look at each other. I want someone to look at me the way Blaine looks at Kurt. All it took was a bird to die for Blaine to realize what his heart already knew, that he loved Kurt. Of course like any couple they had hardships but in the end they overcame and got married. They never stopped loving each other and they never will.

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2 Brittany and Santana

Brittany and Santana never cheated, always honest, no major issues, responsible, and the both of them were clearly made for one another.

Their relationship was honest, real, responsible and full of love

You just know they were meant to be from the beginning, could not love a couple more than them honestly

I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH! If anything it has taught me to speak out and be confident about anything! BRITTANA FOREVER!

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3 Tina and Mike

They were the couple that lasted the longest and they never had any cheating issues or whatever in the past, they broke up because of long distance and they stayed friends afterwards.

They are awesome and it was great they had so much trust in each other and were always there to support each other. Only thing I didn't like was that there were 2 asians on the show and they had to date.

They were the best couple on the show, they should have ended up together.

I love them so much. They are such a cute couple!

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4 Finn and Rachel

They're sooo cute, loved them since the start.

I love them together

They should be #1

Their chemistry is incredible. Their voices sound so good together!

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5 Will and Emma

I ship them since season 1!

I love them!

6 Marley and Jake

They are new characters in the show and I love them so much together.


ugh euw

7 Brittany and Sam

WAY better than her and santana

I liked Brittana better, but Brittany and Sam have good chemistry and they seem good together.

Nononoononononoonoo.. what is this.. NO

8 Quinn and Sam

They weren't together for long, but they are so cute!

They look ethereal together. Blond perfection make seriously cute babies

9 Sam and Mercedes

So much love and mutual respect for each other!

They were perfect

Samcedes was my personal favorite couple on the show... they should have been endgame along with finchel (R.I.P. Cory/Finn) they should have dated in season 6 instead of that damned, awful, infuriated, ugly relationship between rachel and sam... here is my opinion...
#1 Samcedes
#2 Finchel
#3 St.Berry
#4 Quick
#5 Brittana
#6 Klaine
#7 Puckleberry
#8 Wilemma
#9 Burt and Carole
#10 Tike


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10 Quinn and Rachel

Lol how is this in top 10

They should've happened. This ship was powerful.

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11 Tina and Artie

During Season 1 they were such a cute and lovable couple! I miss them together, even though I ship Tike!

12 Quinn and Puck

Puck and Quinn were so sweet, and he was the only guy she was ever really honest with. Also, after you have a baby with someone, you have a special connection with them forever. Quick forever! How is this not higher, and FABERRY is actually ranked higher than this?

Absolutely loved them

This is my favorite couple on the show. What I like about them is, through their toughest moments, they always managed to be there for each other. When Quinn got pregnant, Puck was there to help her with anything and everything that she needed. When Quinn was having some issues at the start of season 3, Puck was there to restore her to her true self. When Puck got a second chance to take his exam, Quinn made sure he passed. When it was Thanksgiving time, Puck was there to finish Quinn's next line in the song. When Quinn was dating the wrong guy, Puck helped her see that he was all wrong with her, and that she belonged with her friends in the choir room. He also helped her see that she should break up with Biff, and they officially began dating. So you see, Quick was always meant to be, from beginning to end.

Just yes, despite what Quinn thought these two make the best couple by far.

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13 Brittany and Artie

Love them way better than her and Santana again

no just no

14 Sam and Quinn
15 Kitty and Artie

Yeah should be higher

The most unexpected couple in the show so far. Kitty is actually a better person when she's with Artie.


I never expected they would look good together but they do ❤️

16 Will and Holley

Their connection when Holley sang do you wanna touch? and when they sang Kiss together..

17 Rachel Berry & Jesse St. James

No one ever loved rachel berry as much as jesse did. I refuse to believe finn loved her anywhere near as much - pjo

You can't deny the look of pain when Jesse threw the eggs. He has so many regrets, many about her, and in the end he cane through. And look at when Rachel won the tony, she looked so happy to be with him, and with him, she could reach her goals.

Someone wrote that Rachel is an awful singer...umm...What?

LOVE THEM BEST COUPLE EVER! Rachel and Finn's voices sound awful together Rachel is an awful singer but she sounds good with Jesse.

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18 Quinn and Finn

These two had a perfect relationship until Rachel chose to pursue finn

19 Kitty and Marley

Even though it wasn't a thing, they would've been one of the cutest couples in Glee

20 Jacob Ben Israel and Rachel

yes cx

21 Kitty and Ryder
22 Rachel and Brody
23 Rachel and Finn
24 Santana and Puck

They were kind of cute couple

25 Becky and Artie

Yeah I hate artie he makes everything be about his stupid wheelchair its like YES OK WE GET IT we get that its hard but he keeps repiting it all the time and its like THIIS anoying

26 Rachel and Puck

I.. the only human being.. today will I confess my love and ship for puck and rachel becaue they are my love and blood

Rachel and Puck are just adorbs! They should have ended up together but I’m happy she ends up with Jessie because they have a baby for Kurt and Blaine! Yay!

27 Emma and Will

They always loved eachother

28 Santana and Dani
29 Blaine and Kurt
30 Ryder and Marley

Ryder cared about Marley and she was interested in him to. I wonder what would happen if they would have a relationship.

If they got in a relationship it would’ve been adorable and way better than Jake and Marley.

31 Kurt and Adam
32 Sam and Blaine

no way

33 Idina and Puck
34 Kurt And Finn

What I like about Kurt and Finn is that they can relate to each other like in "Ballad" when they talk about their parents.

These characters have so much chemistry in season 1 of glee

35 Rachel and Sam
36 Santana and Sebastian

Sure, Smooth Criminal was like the greatest song of all time (besides Run Joey Run lol), but...
SEBASTIAN IS GAY. SANTANA IS LESBIAN. THEY HATE EACH OTHER. So to all those people who think they should be a couple, please, RE-WATCH THAT EPISODE and really examine it.

Okay when you had watched "Smooth Criminal" you have to ship them. Yeah Sebastian is mean and so on but he and Santana are perfect for each other.

I think they're really cute together '

Ok this will never work out. First of all they only sang one song together and only had about 15 lines to each other. Second of all, shes LESBIAN and he's GAY!

37 Unique and Ryder

RYNIQUE SLAYS - swrs1234

38 Blaine and Sebastian
39 Finn and Santana
40 Blaine and Santana

This cupple is very cute

41 Blaine and Kitty
42 Puck and Finn
43 Karofsky and Kurt

I STILL think it's going to happen soon.

There is something wrong with u people they r the worst couple in the world it's disgusting and AWEFULL

I totally ship Kurtofsky ✌️

They are my OTP. I think a relationship between those two would be very interesting as they have completely different personalities and they could complete each other. Their chemistry is like sparks fly 😍.

44 Blaine and Karofsky
45 Finn and Quinn
46 Ryder and Kitty
47 Jake and Bree
48 Sam and Santana
49 Martha Evans and Ben Chandler

They are cute together
They trust each other

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