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21 Kitty and Ryder
22 Rachel and Brody
23 Rachel and Finn
24 Santana and Puck
25 Becky and Artie

Yeah I hate artie he makes everything be about his stupid wheelchair its like YES OK WE GET IT we get that its hard but he keeps repiting it all the time and its like THIIS anoying

26 Rachel and Puck

I.. the only human being.. today will I confess my love and ship for puck and rachel becaue they are my love and blood

27 Santana and Dani
28 Emma and Will
29 Blaine and Kurt
30 Ryder and Marley

Ryder cared about Marley and she was interested in him to. I wonder what would happen if they would have a relationship.

31 Kurt and Adam
32 Idina and Puck
33 Unique and Ryder

RYNIQUE SLAYS - swrs1234

34 Blaine and Sebastian
35 Rachel and Sam
36 Sam and Blaine
37 Blaine and Kitty
38 Karofsky and Kurt

I STILL think it's going to happen soon.

There is something wrong with u people they r the worst couple in the world it's disgusting and AWEFULL

They are my OTP. I think a relationship between those two would be very interesting as they have completely different personalities and they could complete each other. Their chemistry is like sparks fly 😍.

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39 Santana and Sebastian

Okay when you had watched "Smooth Criminal" you have to ship them. Yeah Sebastian is mean and so on but he and Santana are perfect for each other.

I think they're really cute together '

Ok this will never work out. First of all they only sang one song together and only had about 15 lines to each other. Second of all, shes LESBIAN and he's GAY!

40 Blaine and Karofsky
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