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1 Season 3

Episodes like Nationals, Goodbye, Mash off and The First Time really stand out in that season. I loved everything about season 3 because the characters have a new maturity and new parts of themselves are being explored. Many characters develop such as Santana and Quinn, we get introduced to Unique, Rory and Sugar, and we have some of the best storylines such as Karofsky's suicide attempt, Santana's coming out, Quinn's accident etc.

Especially the episode Goodbye was amazing.

2 Season 6

I wish that season were longer, because it really brought me back. It reminded me a lot of early season 2.

It's probably the best season since season 3! I like all the characters and their story lines. I like the fact that in this season the writers paid attention to what the fandom wants ❤️

3 Season 4

I just loved watching the old beloved characters like Santana, Rachel and Kurt move on and do something with their life and the new characters brought something fresh on the show.

I'm so glad Season 4 is so high because everyone is hating on that season and I don't understand why. It's by far my favorite. I loved seeing the growth of people like Rachel and Santana and I also loved meeting brand new characters. It has episodes for every mood you're in.
Happy : guilty pleasure, diva
Sad : the break up, shooting star
It has some hilarious but also heartbroken moments ❤️

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4 Season 2 V 1 Comment
5 Season 1

Season 1 is #6? Come on, people! Season 1 is the reason we all started watching Glee. It had real meaning, great music, emotional/dramatic storylines but at the same time a lot of funny moments, it gave emphasis to the most interesting characters. If every Season of Glee was like Season 1, then the show would be great.

6 Season 5
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