Top 10 Glee Tribute Episodes

The Top Ten Glee Tribute Episodes

1 The Power of Madonna (Madonna)

Unique vibe that brings us to day 1

Anything from the first season is automatically THE best. - dureckl

2 Saturday Night Glee-ver (Bee Gees)
3 Britney / Brittany / Britney 2.0 (Britney Spears)

I loved it! So entertaining. Good old Glee times... Brittany's lines crack me up every time.
Baby one more time
I'm a slave for you
Only exception
Me against the music - "Brittana"<3...

4 Wonder-Ful (Stevie Wonder)
5 The Rocky Horror Glee Show

I loved that episode because it was so different that what we usually get to see on T.V. it was just so weird and funny, I loved the atmosphere.

6 Love, Love, Love / Tina In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles)
7 Michael (Michael Jackson)

ITs MJ who can't love it

8 Rumours (Fletwood Mac)

Glee + Fleetwood Mac = my life

This episode is amazing I love all of the rumours that spread about Brittana

9 Movin' Out (Billy Joel)
10 Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)

"How will I know" was PERFECTION and I get "So emotional" whenever I think of this episode

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