Top Ten Goals You Should Accomplish

Ever wanted to accomplish something in life but don't know what? Well, here's a list of what you might want to try.

The Top Ten

1 Set a World Record

I'd love to, but I have know idea what I'd set. - PianoQueen

I'd probably get the biggest cat lover record. - Catacorn

2 Learn an Instrument

I'm good at the piano and guitar. Especially the piano. Among other instruments. - cosmo

Really rewarding, and it's fun to mess around and play fun songs, too!

3 Read the Harry Potter Series

When I finished it I felt super accomplished, but was sad that there wasn't more. - PianoQueen

I've only read one. - cosmo

I finished the series, I was really happy for once! Finishing my first book series.
I was just sort of sad about the ending. - Fandom_Lover

4 Get Good Grades

I have all As. - cosmo

5 Get Your Childhood Dream Job

My dream job was to become a Journalist or One of those hosts on a travel series - Fandom_Lover

I think we all know what my childhood dream job was... - PianoQueen

6 Succeed As a TopTenner

Probably set a record like most lists, most comments, etc. - PianoQueen

7 Fulfill Your Bucket List
8 Become Famous
9 Learn a New Language

I know 4 different languages. Its very interesting to learn new languages, and fun too! - Catacorn

I would love to learn a new language possibly in high school. - PianoQueen

I'm learning how to speak Turkish,French,and German. It's interesting to learn new languages and I hope to learn more. - cosmo

10 Watch an Entire TV Show
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