Best GoAnimate Character Elimination Series

The Top Ten Best GoAnimate Character Elimination Series

1 mrtyesvideo s
2 TheShyK9

TheShyK9's series is by far my favorite alongside with BeastBoyYesLeviNo. I'll be waiting for him to rise up the top

3 L Ryan
4 PeterGriffinYes GiantChickenNo
5 Mysia Smiles
6 Alex Kimble

He is the reason I joined the VideoGameCartoonPolice! How is this not #1? - CoolGuy731

7 SnapshotYes KaosNo
8 Dylan Jacob
9 Kirby loopsy
10 AnimaniacsFan2001

The Contenders

11 SpongebobLover2000
12 TheCollosalD

The only one who actually tries in my opinion

13 EllaFTW SugarFTL

Her elimination show is so good

14 Character Elimination Limo Party
15 NitroG
16 SuperPaperMarioFTW YoutubeWarsFTL
17 TheGeorginator
18 EvilStawberryShortcakeFan2015
19 BeastBoyYesLeviNo

I wish he did not delete his series but I LOVED those 10 seasons! Him and TheShyK9 got me into Character Elimination

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