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No offense to anyone but I will admit I love goanimate grounded videos! So here is Artattacks top ten grounded videos list enjoy!

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1 Caillou gets grounded on his sisters birthday

This was a very funny video that shows Caillou as he walks in to Chuck E. Cheese's during his sister's birthday at Pizza Hut when he really said he wanted to go to the bathroom.


2 Barney and Mojo Jojo get in dead meat

Grounded barny

I love mojo jojo but I hate Barney - Ihateschool

Grounded videos suck you have no life for lovig them and making this list

3 Roy rooster and Fib get in dead meat
4 Dora fires all the teachers and gets grounded
5 Caillou skips school and gets grounded

This video is actually called "Caillou cuts school and gets grounded" and is another video that shows Caillou walking into Chuck E. Cheese's.

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6 Eric makes fun of Penelope and gets grounded
7 Eric goes to the bathroom naked and gets grounded
8 Alfred kills Justin Bieber and gets grounded
9 Dora, Evil Larry, and Bobby get in dead meat V 1 Comment
10 How To Grounded

Keith! I can't believe you are a boy! Made by Not Smirks

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11 Macusoper gets grounded for calling the baby stupid
12 Caillou Gets Grounded Because Of His Stupid Name

I'd rather watch A Pal For Gary than watching this look at the difference. DORIS: Grounds Caillou because of his name. SpongeBob: Blames on Gary when he is getting tortured by Puffy Fluffy.

Worst grounded video ever

Lol Caillou's mom: Your first word was Caillou.


13 Caillou calls Mr. Hinkle Grandpa and gets Grounded
14 Caillou gets grounded for calling Vash The Stampede, gay V 2 Comments
15 Caillou poops on his family and gets grounded

LOL! That video was so hilarious. I liked how Doris wanted to post Rosie's first poop in the toilet on Facebook, how Caillou took a crap on his parents, and how Rosie grounded Caillou. - Murvine_Taylor

16 Rosie Misbehaves at Church/Grounded
17 Caillou misbehaves at Chuck E Cheese's
18 Caillou poops on his teacher and gets grounded

When I first looked at this video, I was actually looking for youtube poops of Caillou, but I ran into this instead. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

19 Gilbert the Cat escapes from house and disrupts Caillou's family trip to Washington White House
20 Caillou lets Gilbert the cat lose on Memorial Day and gets grounded
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1. Caillou gets grounded on his sisters birthday
2. Barney and Mojo Jojo get in dead meat
3. Roy rooster and Fib get in dead meat
1. Caillou gets grounded on his sisters birthday
2. Roy rooster and Fib get in dead meat
3. Barney and Mojo Jojo get in dead meat



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