The Creative Process Behind "Grounded Videos"

How dare they.

He shakes his head in bewilderment as the show finishes. What on Earth did he just watch? He grabs the DVD case and reads the title out loud.

"Caillou," it says at the top of the case, in large letters. He can't believe that the showmakers decided to cater towards the youngest demographic instead of pleasing his needs for sophisticated entertainment. After all, the show was obviously made solely for him. It was a complete betrayal.

So, as he tosses the case aside, he quickly turns over to his desktop, as the onscreen text beckons him towards it. The letters spell "GoAnimate", clearly indicating high quality and versatile animation that was easy to use but could make titans like Pixar look like Dingo Pictures in comparison. He has to make a decision. Will he join a legion of growing animators, or will he turn back, and be sucked into the abyss that is the real world?

He clicks. He decides that it is the day that he will die, and be reborn as Mezza8, a true hero of animation, who will tackle the infamous Caillou and let people view it in a new light. No longer will they see the bald ruffian and say, "My, what a great role model. He will have a special place in my beating heart." No, now they will look at him in sheer disgust, as if they just saw an oil tanker speeding towards the wall of a small orphanage.

The reborn Mezza now looks at the Character Creator, and, in a few moments, come out with a replica of the Caillou cast. So bizarre, he thinks, that I have created what I hate to fulfill a greater purpose. With his philosophy out of the way, he clicks his way into a new project. He is greated with a featureless background, reminiscent of a blank canvas, to remind him that he will, with ease, create a masterpiece; something so stunning and magnificent, that artists like Bosch would congratulate him at the pearly gates once he slips off this mortal coil.

Using the drag drop menus, he paints his canvas — the once featureless background is replaced with a bright living room, that can warm the hearts of even the coldest men. His characters are dropped into the brave new world Mezza has weaved with...well, not exactly 'hand', per se, since he has relied on background presets, but he has still created a living, breathing world, just by plopping a set into the canvas.

With this technology at his hand, he will create a gripping tale. The tale about a toddler that, despite being a toddler, is somehow as big as every adult as well. The toddler, Caillou, an agitator of the peace, decides to go to Chuck E Cheese by himself instead of going to school. The audacity! Oh, I cannot root for such a degenerate, who decides to spend his days loitering around a restaurant! Please tell me karma strikes; oh please, Mezza8, do not allow these deeds to go severely unpunished!

Wait, what's this? His parents, our heroes, come in to save the day? Oh, Mezza, you never fail to disappoint. After they seize control of the antagonist, they decide to ground him for an unbelievably long date, and while, at this point, I would start getting bored of overly drawn out scenes like this, it's obviously clear that Mezza, the genius, has intended Tarkovsky-esque hypnotism to put us in a state which mirrors the scene perfectly; to show us the feelings of living in suburbia, living with such a deviant as a child, as hours tick by before you think a minute has passed. And, as the scene ends, Caillou is defeated, as he runs upstairs to his room, to spend the rest of his days isolated from the rest of the world.

Bravo, Mezza8. You are clearly the Shakespeare of our time; creating such great stories to tell us. Surely in the future, this will transcend storytelling, and be revolutionary to future writers.

With the story all put into place like a jigsaw, all he needs to do is animate it, and then add in effects and sound. Easy for a visionary like Mezza. And so, with his magic, he uses the versatility of his tools to make the animation of opening doors look like pointing at them instead. This is obviously symbolism, showing that Caillou does not bow down to the world's set rules, and does what he please, the nefarious foe.

For sound, he juxtaposes his living, breathing characters with robotic voices, clearly indicating the monotony of suburbia has taken a toll on them. For added effect, their onomatopoeia is used by the voices, with maniacal laughing represented by a malfunctioning "hahahahaha" that wouldn't look out of place in a Fatboy Slim single.

And he finishes his magnum opus, "Caillou Goes To Chuck E Cheese And Gets Grounded". Clearly this film will be a stepping stone for the motion picture industry in general. Animators, screenwriters and directors will all state this short masterpiece as a major influence on their work. And this success will be guaranteed to bring better things from Mezza, including the much hyped "Caillou Coughs Without Covering His Mouth And Gets Executed". Today, he will be at home, contemplating whether to ground Caillou or Dora next, but next week, I can guarantee you that he will be at a glorious penthouse in Hollywood, looking at the beach on his balcony while glamorous women fight over him.

I can guarantee it. Just you wait.


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JK, but you're a genius for making this. - Swellow

That's it, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded (repeat ad nauseam) - visitor

Waa- *computer breaking noise* aaaugh!

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