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21 Caillou Misbehaves On the Way to Big Hero 6
22 Flik wants Fudge and gets grounded

You are bad bad bad Filk bad bad bad filk

This Goanimate videos Sucks
Flik wants Fudge and gets grounded & Flik Grounds Z and gets grounded Will Suck

23 Barney Injures BJ at Work

I liked the idea of Barney seeking revenge on BJ for changing his voice and I found it funny when Riff and Baby Bop yelled at Barney in a deep scary voice. - Murvine_Taylor

24 Rita Kills Roddy and Gets Grounded

DID SOMEONE JUST OFFEND FLUSHED AWAY?! - The Ultimate Daredevil, sick of how underrated Flushed Away is

(Flushed Away)

25 Dora Prank Calls a Pizza Guy/Gets Grounded (Explicit)

Not the best grounded video I've seen. The Zack series episodes, "Zack Gets Kicked Out Of Karate And Gets Grounded" and "Zack's Girlfriend" are the real diamonds. This is a pretty fun one to watch, too.

26 Arthur Watches Porn In Class & Gets Grounded

I Like Arthur, But The Grounded Videos Out Of Him Are Very Funny, And This One Is No Exception - JPK

27 Dora Changes the School Name to Nick Jr. and Gets Grounded

HILLARIOUS! But she should watch Family Guy instead of South Park - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

28 Diesel Dawson dances in his underwear and gets grounded
29 Caillou gets defeated by Bioman Sentai team and gets grounded in Caillou's babysitter

I used to watch African Vulture back when she made funny videos but now Caillou is getting abused by his parents for the smallest reasons.

30 Caillou Makes a Bootleg VHS of Blue's Big Musical V 1 Comment
31 Aaron Killed the Bubble Guppies and Gets Grounded!
32 Ocelot Rants on 19Joshua and Gets Grounded V 1 Comment
33 Eren tosses a spider on Armin's chest and gets grounded.
34 Caillou Changes the City Hall into Burger King
35 Zee grounds Flik and gets grounded V 1 Comment
36 Oh Grounds Sherman and Gets Grounded V 2 Comments
37 Flik grounds Z and gets grounded
38 Gevo Gets In Dead Meat

Gevo you're expelled schools gets home now

39 Z Rants On A Bug's Life And Gets Grounded
40 Zee Kills Filk and Gets Grounded!
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1. Caillou gets grounded on his sisters birthday
2. Barney and Mojo Jojo get in dead meat
3. Roy rooster and Fib get in dead meat
1. Caillou gets grounded on his sisters birthday
2. Roy rooster and Fib get in dead meat
3. Barney and Mojo Jojo get in dead meat



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