Goanimate Videos with Actual Effort Put Into Them

List of GoAnimate Videos that had the time to put effort and hard work into it.

The Top Ten Goanimate Videos with Actual Effort Put Into Them

1 Caillou And Boris
2 Caillou Creates An Account
3 Respecting Of The Opinion


4 Good Parenting
5 Caillou's Teenhood
6 Caillou Gets Grounded The Movie

He always grounded.

7 Goanimate and Youtube Poop:Patrick Star vs Spongebob Squarepants
8 Caillou's New Look

yeah... there is three reasons I quit this junk.
1. Stupid people like Isaac Anderson (who created this list)
2. The new age requirement of 18 compared to 13
3. Terminations all around - Maddox121

9 Caillou becomes a famous YouTuber / gets the ultra mega grounding
10 Alan the Video Maker

The Contenders

11 Caillou Gets A Dog
12 How to Grounded
13 20 Years of Princess Diana's Death (GoAnimate video)
14 Caillou Has A Baby
15 ThatBluePandaGuy (later videos)
16 Character Elimination
17 Rosie's Hair Gets Into Dead Meat
18 Baby show hater rant
19 Allison’s Eventful Life: From Canadian Scout

One of my favorite GoAnimate movies. HE TOOK 6 MONTHS TO MAKE THE MOVIE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

20 Caillou and Boris Go Out on a Date

Boris and Caillou go out on a date in order to go to purgatory. The jokes are genuinely funny, its humor style is pretty goofy and Satan is hilarious here.

There are some hilarious parts like Hank Hill randomly appearing, Sans and Papyrus randomly appearing, the talking totem pole and when Caillou and Boris eat marijuana and get high. - KalloFox34

21 Brian Gets In Trouble At School
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