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Best ever, but my friend prefers African Vulture and Isaac Anderson - Goatworlds

Stinks, he made grounded videos out of Caillou.

African Vulture

But she can't handle criticism...

Brendan Barney

He makes good rant videos.

Go!Animater101 Animations 2016 Studios
Isaac Andersen Animations

9/10 I agree with, honestly, his videos are meh, he can improve by lessening out the adult content and making like only 5 swears per episodes instead of 25, if you want a good dark humor GoAnimate channel, watch Venomous Soup.

What does "End your existence please" mean? - The Ultimate Daredevil, who laughed about "Caillou Chomps His Dad's Balls" by Julien3535

His videos are very funny


His videos were quite enjoyable. It's a shame that he got terminated.

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Grounded to the Ground

Small but great GoAnimate youtuber

Alan The Thomas Fan Rules

Cringeworthy user, Has done awful things on YouTube, Fans are butthurt as hell, steals images from game companies and other people, steals animation styles and ideas from YouTubers, African Vulture is the earliest (and so far only as of February 2019) example of this. Harrasses his FRIENDS, also threatens other people, Weatherstar4000video is easily the worst GoAnimate user EVER, yes, worse than RareYellowWUUTBee, (who isn't actually that bad and is actually pretty nice and reasonable.) worse than StefieB, worse than Amethyst is Cutie, worse than African Vulture, worse than YankieDude5000, worse than all of his fans, and worse than Weatherstar4000video is Cutie (Scarlet, his "girlfriend.") ALL COMBINED. He's done awful things, plus GoAnimate and Vyond would probably have a better reputation if he was terminated off of YouTube, GoAnimate and Vyond all at once, and considering what he has done, I pray to god that happens.

Why is he here? He should've been placed on the worst GoAnimate YouTubers list! (Childish brats...)

Awful user with cringe videos

BEST USER EVER if you hae him go install memz while deleting system32
-Ditty Fanatic


I like his channel; But he is sadly hated for making Caillou gets grounded. People think that he supports child abuse when he actually has dark humor on his channel. Honestly, I like dark humor. Samster5677 is one of my favorite users along with GoThug247, Generated Pictures, Sabur2023, and etc.


YouTuber that makes GoAnimate YTPs

TTTEandSpongebobYesFurfagsNo VGCP

His videos are edgier than most and he isn't afraid to go outside the box.

Sama Lass

She makes really funny videos! I really enjoy watching her!

SuperGreninja 3482
Tbone Animate

Created a humongous Caillou family, Caillou, Rosie, Daisy, Cody, Emily, lily, Hannah, sapphire, and tons more. He is funny, cool, and makes awesome videos.


He is a very funny Caillou GoAnimater, and his ideas are pretty cool.

You mean she -whatthethingyareyoulookingat


A guy with a very interesting look, his GoAnimate videos are great, and he is very good on what videos he makes.

He's an awesome GoAnimate YouTuber. He should be at least at number 5 or higher.

Jonathan Amaya
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