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1 African Vulture

Has great Caillou get grounded, The Wiggles get grounded, Miss Mouthless, and Super Mario and Luigi bloopers videos. - EpicJake

2 OfficerPoop247 V 2 Comments
3 LouieLouie95

He usually makes grounded videos out of girls. - EpicJake

4 Brendan Barney

I like Brendan Barney cause he is awesome

5 Caleb the Animator
6 Isaac and Isaiah Anderson
7 GoAnimateComedian
8 L Ryan

I like L Ryan because he hate baby shows - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

V 1 Comment
9 Alex Kimble V 1 Comment
10 TheOmgwtfproductions (Smirks)

He puts actual effort into his work.

The Contenders

11 NotSmirks

The funniest video is Four Twenty.

Makes YouTube Poop type of grounded videos.

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12 RareYellowWUUTBee
13 Samster5677

I Love His Videos (Especially The Scooby-Doo Ones) - JPK

14 TheColossalD
15 True Animate
16 VenomousSoup14

This guy is awesome. And he's the only GoAnimator that is good looking - DoroExploro13

17 Mr.LegoFan10
18 19Joshua

We can't wait for the Logos Movie by him!

His name is currently 19JoshuaAndDotWarner. Plus, The Logos Movie was released.

19 Earthsam Productions
20 Shelly2003LOL
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1. African Vulture
2. Alex Kimble
3. Samster5677
1. African Vulture
2. OfficerPoop247
3. LouieLouie95



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