Top Ten Best GoAnimators

The Top Ten Best GoAnimators

1 OfficerPoop247

I agree with you, His videos are cool. - Ashtin

Has great grounded videos. - EpicJake

Making Speech Bubbles

Should be number 1

2 African Vulture

the best thing about that goanimator he
created caillou gets grounded

Has great Caillou get grounded, The Wiggles get grounded, Miss Mouthless, and Super Mario and Luigi bloopers videos. - EpicJake

3 Brendan Barney

I like Brendan Barney cause he is awesome

He's cool and one of my favorite goanimators

No! This guy is awful!

4 Isaac and Isaiah Anderson

He stinks. - Maddox121

5 NotSmirks

The funniest video is Four Twenty.

Makes YouTube Poop type of grounded videos.

Not Smirks Chews Food

6 LouieLouie95

He usually makes grounded videos out of girls. - EpicJake

7 Caleb the Animator
8 Isaac Anderson Animations

The animation of his videos are spectacular and unique! - SpinelliFan

Canadian scout likes him too

Honsetly, this is the best one, his videos take an extreme amount of time and effort, and the videos look amazing

His videos are cringe pinnacles, his fans and him can't respect opinions, and he deserved to get terminated twice, and he got that FOR A REASON... What a lazy fat-butt - Maddox121

9 GoAnimateComedian
10 Phormillion

The Contenders

11 Weatherstar4000video

He a good youtuber I watch him sometimes, sadly he doesn't upload much anymore - trains45

Why did none of his other 30 thousand subscribers add him before? He's awesome.

You are My fave

#1 User I defend him

12 Alex Kimble

He's Awesome

13 L Ryan

I like L Ryan because he hate baby shows - Bri-Loves_PSY_66

I Miss Him

14 True Animate

He quitted GoAnimate and removed all of his Lazy Animate videos. - Maddox121

Trueanimate rocks

He is ok. - Gameplayer

15 SolitareJoker

Unlike most GoAnimators, his video are genuinely funny. - KalloFox34

16 TheOmgwtfproductions (Smirks)

He puts actual effort into his work.

Better than african vulture

He should be number 1 - PiscesCringe

17 RareYellowWUUTBee

RareYellowWUUTBee is good because his Rosie gets grounded videos are so funny

He's funny but he's sexist because he usually makes grounding videos out of Rosie.

Awesome dude.

18 Samster5677

He is pretty cool too. He doesn't deserve all this hate for making videos out of caillou. - Ashtin

I Love His Videos (Especially The Scooby-Doo Ones) - JPK



19 CanadianScout

Love ya videos matey!

He takes load of effort in his videos, and it’s all worth it, he makes nothing but original content

1. An original goanimator
2. Quality content
3. Funny

I love his channel, but lately he’s been going downhill with something I like to call, The Sam Craze. Like sure, I admit, sams crush, bully and last stand was good but sams cookies and sams stopwatch, WHATS NEXT, SAMS MEAL?

20 Tbone Animate

Very good user, he makes good videos. He deleted his old channel but he made a new channel named Tbone Re-Animate or something like that but he changed name to Tbone Animate again

Very Creative And Funny!

We need him because we need to get REVENGE on Matt the GoAnimator. Matt's grounded videos are EVEN WORSE than Isaac Anderson's videos! Please get Matt the GoAnimator executed as soon as possible.

No. 1 Goanimator!

21 CharlieBrownAndCaillouYes BongoNo

He likes Caillou and salutes the Anderson Family.
He even saluted his show.

22 VenomousSoup14

I love this dude!

This guy is awesome. And he's the only GoAnimator that is good looking - DoroExploro13

23 TheColossalD
24 Venomous Soup

He's like the PewDiePie of GoAnimate.

25 Sacred Assortment

He makes a lot of funny videos!

His videos are good

26 Lukedoesgames

He's brentdoesgames friend and he makes a bunch of fun videos

Best yotuuber ever

27 TheShyK9

Come on guys! He's awesome! He did Levi for Hire and Character Elimination. He also did some grounded videos for CA8 members as well - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

28 Bubble Fan 100
29 DeviousDieselFan2015 VGCP

Nope, VGCP, nope.

30 Rosie

I like you rosie

No. - PiscesCringe

31 1Redbed

I had to vote something. This guy is not my favorite but I just voted him because I wanna point out this:
Happy 4th birthday this list!

He is so cool - Ashtin

32 Dr. Animate PhD
33 StefieB

StefieB sucks, and her videos are cringeworthy, she also wants to be Caillou's boyfriend even though he's like 8, YOU CAN'T BE GIRLFRIEND WITH AN 8 YEAR OLD, IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!? Her love for Caillou is absolute cringe and should be in a cringeworthy "Worst GoAnimators" list.


34 Mr.LegoFan10
35 19Joshua

We can't wait for the Logos Movie by him!

His name is currently 19JoshuaAndDotWarner. Plus, The Logos Movie was released.

36 Earthsam Productions
37 Shelly2003LOL
38 25JoshuaTheMouseRocks
39 The Moon Productions
40 TeardropFan2014
41 SuperPaperMarioFTWYoutubeWarsFTL
42 Leilah Delattre Films
43 TheAwfulLifeofCaillou
44 Kirby Loopsy
45 Alan the Video Maker
46 RootBeerFan989
47 Brentdoesgames

He makes a bunch of funny videos

48 RedHoodyGuy2011
49 LSAnimate123

Has a nice series

50 RedstoneIE 123
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