Best God of War Games

The PlayStation-exclusive series God of War now counted down from best to worst.

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1 God of War: III

The 3rd God of War was a piece of stun! The story and atmosphere showed some of he greatest a GoW game could give. The saddest ending in video-game history is in here with a sad song attached to it.

Simply the best

He does the impossible in this game by killing the powerful enimess

This is my favorite GoW game.

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2 God of War: II

God of War: II is an awesome title. The story is what gives it the feel. It is better than anyone may think: it is full of twists and epic moments but with some bad-looking islands. That is what completely lets this epic game down.

East or west GOD2 is the best!

Best game on ps2 - HassanMarouanovic

This is my favorite, even better than the original. they are both leagues better than GOW 3

3 God of War

God of War (original) is definitely the best in the series. The atmosphere is what made it the best in my honest opinion and it is God of War fully, not like Ascension.

I was blown away after playing this game for the first time. GOW 2 and 3 improved on the formula, but the final boss fight with Ares is the best in the series.


4 God of War: Ascension

The newest entry in the series is visually AWESOME but sadly does not live up to the great story the previous games provided but worth the time seeing some of the most eye popping map design and atmosphere in this game series' history.

Should've been on last place. Ghost of Sparta is totally a lot better.

This should be number 3!...I love KRATOS!

5 God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta is not - DEFINITELY - not the best if you actually look at it the right way. It is dark-themed, with a nice story brought forward but doesn't exactly live up to the standars of map design and soundtrack the other games gave the gamer.

6 God of War: Chains of Olympus

Even though this is a spin-off origin story title, it is ground breaking. The graphics, visuals, atmosphere, story and bosses make this nearly tied with the outstanding GoW1.

7 God of War Betrayal

What am I supposed to say? It is not good, even as a mobile spinoff. Combat is bland, story is bland, the game is a bland java game that doesn't even seem to have a soundtrack. Get it free on your old Java phone if you still have one. Overall, this game doesn't give an impact on anything to the trilogy and is not worth it.

8 God of War III Remastered

Just a better version of god of war 3

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