Top 10 Godless Characters


The Top Ten

1 Mary Agnes McNue

A truly badass woman. - judo8alex

2 Frank Griffin

A terrible terrible man but a great villain and amazing performance by Jeff Daniels. - judo8alex

3 Alice Fletcher

Great mom and warrior. - judo8alex

4 Roy Goode

A cowboy in every sense of the word. - judo8alex

5 Whitey Winn

Awesome character but I hated the way he died. Thomas Brodie-Sangster shows that he has great range in his acting. - judo8alex

6 Bill McNue

Gotta love Scoot. - judo8alex

7 Iyovi

"Stray Dog" lol. - judo8alex

She got like super powers or something and I love her "no f***s give" attitude. - judo8alex

8 Marshal John Cook

That MOUSTACHE though. - judo8alex

9 Callie Dunne

Sweet & Sour. - judo8alex

10 Louise Hobbs

I was hoping that her and Whitey would have a happy ending, but alas, they did not. - judo8alex

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