Top 10 Gods/Demigods Mentioned in Kersey Graves' the World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors is an 1875 book by American atheist/freethinker Kersey Graves. The book asserts that Jesus Christ was not a real person but a creation based on gods/demigods who'd been crucified to and ascended from the underworld.

The book claims that some of these gods shared at least some traits of Jesus as described in the New Testament. For example, some of the figures had virgin births, were sons of multiple gods, were born on the 25th of December, had stars point to their birthplaces, were visited by shepherds and magi as infants, fled from death as children, exhibited traits of divinity in childhood, spent time in the desert, traveled as they taught, had desciples, performed miracles, were persecuted, were crucified, descended into hell after death, appeared as resurrections or apparitions, or ascended into heaven.

None of these are in particular order. Just the gods/demigods Graves thinks were copied to create the story of Jesus.

Note: I didn't make this list to offend anyone or start wars. I made it because I found the book to be pretty interesting. That is all.

The Top Ten

1 Krishna Krishna

Most--if not all--of these are completely nonsense! - clusium

2 Odin Odin
3 Thor Thor
4 Osiris Osiris
5 Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl
6 Prometheus Prometheus
7 Zoroaster Zoroaster

He's not even considered to be a god, by the Zoroastrian faith. - clusium

8 Cadmus Cadmus
9 Adonis Adonis
10 Ixion Ixion
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