Top Ten Godzilla Monsters with the Best Origin Stories (Excluding Godzilla)

The big G easily has the best origin story, no doubt,

The Top Ten

1 Destroyah Destroyah

A monster created from a weapon (Oxygen Destroyer) that has killed a Godzilla before...brilliant. Brings the entire series full circle. He is basically a monster that COULD kill Godzilla, it has been proven - RustyNail

2 Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu) Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu)

A robot version of Godzilla that was made with the bones from the original Godzilla. It was made this way to be a more affective fighter and survivor. This proves to be a bad Idea when the dead spirit takes control of the robot and goes baserk. I love this concept of having the original movie / Godzilla be a part of this. It makes it full circle. I guess Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla came true after all. - RustyNail

3 Biollante Biollante

A scientist is combining plant/flower cells with Godzilla cells to try to bring his dead daughter back to life (whose soul us trapped in the plant). Of course it goes wrong and it turns into a giant flower monster then a giant crocodile vine plant creature. Basically biollante is Godzilla's sister in a way - RustyNail

4 Hedorah Hedorah

A space creature that lands on earth, but also a creature created by pollution - RustyNail

5 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is Godzilla's Greatest Enemy of all times since 1964's Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster.

A planet Destroying Space Dragon...awesome. Later on in Rebirth of Mothra 3 it is said he came to earth and killed the dinosaurs. This is my favorite origin story from Ghidorah. The time travel origin and guardian monster origins don't interest me. - RustyNail

6 Space Godzilla Space Godzilla

A space alien that was combined with Godzilla's cells that went through mutation and explosions from stars- creating a powerful space version of the big G. - RustyNail

7 Megaguirus Megaguirus

His origin is a bit confusing based on how the movie goes. On one hand he is a dragonfly that got caught in a black hole / wormhole and mutated. Another says she is either a prehistoric dragonfly or a creature from another dimension that came through the wormhole produced by the black hole gun - RustyNail

8 King Ceasar

Many years ago he protected the Azumi people from another army and is hidden and released to protect the tribe when needed. He can only be summoned by a statue shooting a beam after the sun rises in the west AND is sung to - RustyNail

9 MechaGodzilla MechaGodzilla

Aliens from a planet from the black hole build him to destroy earth (hidden as Godzilla) - RustyNail

10 Orga Orga

An ancient space alien that tries to become a Godzilla clone and feeds off his energy - RustyNail

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