Best Gojira Albums

Gojira is a groove metal band from France..
It is very underrated - Less known band
One of the best groove metal bands on the stage with underrated talented Musicians

1-Mario Duplentier (Drummer) he is my 3rd favourite drummer he is very amazing drummer he is so young (30 years old) and he can compete with Lars, Joey, Chris, Portony, Lambardo.. Etc

2-Joe Duplentier (Vocalist) he is amazing vocalist he my 2nd favourite groove metal vocalist (after Randy Blythe Of Lamb Of God) he got so catchy vocals and talent and can write very amazing lyrics

3-Christian Andreu (Guitarist) he is very underrated modern metal guitarist he got amazing skills

4-Jean-Michael Labadie (Bassist) very amazing bassist with great bass lines

The Top Ten
1 From Mars to Sirius From Mars to Sirius Product Image

It's aesthetic is incredible, all the vibe, the whale sounds, a fusion between the deep ocean and the universe, both unknown to men, the vocals are perfect, the drums, the album is just perfect to my ears.

Ocean planet- backbone-flying whales-the world to come

This album is a masterpiece. The intro song is... Amazing

Greatest work of metal in the modern age.

2 The Way of All Flesh The Way of All Flesh Product Image

The Way of All Flesh is my favourite by them. I mean, FMTS is great but I'm missing some more darker and melodic parts that are in TWOAF. I think it is more balanced. Also, the sound of this album is pure brilliance!

The compositions is just better on this album than on FMTS. And this sounds slightly better as well I think. Overall their best album in my opinion. Just pure perfection...

Esoteric surgery just dominates every other song they made

1.- The Way of All Flesh
2.- L'Enfant Sauvage
3.- From Mars to Sirius
4.- Terra Incognita
5.- The Link

3 L'Enfant Sauvage L'Enfant Sauvage Product Image

This and TWOAF are tied but I listen to this one a little more so I'll vote for this album. Born in Winter and Explosia are some of my favorite songs in Gojira's Discography (both are in this album)

Very heavy yet melodic sounding. It is the best Gojira album as it hasn't any weak songs like the other albums have...

In my opinion this is the best album

Their most unique album, not the heviest or the most complex, but is the most "Gojira" album in my opinion

4 Magma Magma Product Image

On the top with From Mars To Sirius

Even better than FMTS and that album was a masterpiece

2nd best album after L'enfant Sauvage. It is very close between the two tho...

Their best albums, don't miss death metal here. Just a progressive masterpiece
1. Magma
2. L'Enfant Sauvage
3. From Mars to Sirius

5 Terra Incognita Terra Incognita Product Image

Super underrated. Has a diffrent sound than a lot of their other records, but very good in its own way.

This is the best album magma sucks

6 The Link The Link Product Image

"Terra incognita" and "The link" are Gojira's blueprints for victory. Most bands would envy this two records. The link alive is something I could watch on repeat.I just love the smell of rain on this soil...

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