Best Gojira Band Members

Gojira is a groove metal + technical death metal band. It is a French metal band formed in 1996. They released their 1st album Terra Incognita in 2001

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1 Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier is a French musician and artist best known as the drummer of technical death metal band Gojira.

Not much to say. Absolutely incredible drummer!

He is so great underrated drummer actually I didn, t thought that he would be that talent
Hear Explosia, L'Enfant Savuge, Adoration for None, Art Of The Daying and you will know that he is one of the most underrated drummers really
He is so talented and so young too and he also can compete with drummers like Joey Jordison, Chris Adler, Mike Portony, Lambardo, Ulrich Lars.. And he got awarded by Best Drummer of 2012 and he deserve it! - nooreldeen

2 Joe Duplantier Joe Duplantier Joseph "Joe" Duplantier is a French musician best known as the guitarist and vocalist of metal band Gojira.

He is so great vocalist and underrated he is one of the most underrated groove metal - Vocalists nowadays hear his vocals on L'enfant Savuge or Explosia - nooreldeen

3 Jean-Michel Labadie
4 Christian Andreu

One of the best modern metal guitarists nowadays he is really underrated - nooreldeen

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