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1 Barry Goldberg

He is pretty stupid but he is funny, and overreacts about everything such as no more pudding. - Therandom

This guy makes the show worth watching, him and the hotness of Erica

Awesomely stupid!

His alter rap ego 'ahead of its time' cracks me up😂

2 Murray Goldberg

He is lazy and nasty but he is funny by sitting in his underwear and calling his kids morons. - Therandom

Every time he is on I feel so happy he is so great and heart warming

3 Beverly Goldberg

Shes great you know she'll bug but her intensions and her loyalty faultless. The kinda woman who went to uni got a first but family life was her calling.

Love her

She smothers her kids and is obsessed with her family but that's what makes her funny. - Therandom

How she is so over competitive but at the same time she cares so much about never leaving her kids side. Also we cannot forget the 'bedazzling' and power walks.

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4 Albert Pops V 1 Comment
5 Adam Goldberg

He isn't as cool as Tyler but Adam is still an awesome character (he's my second favorite)

Obviously Adam is going to be in the top 5 he obviously made the show

6 Erica Goldberg
7 Coach Millard
8 Lannie

I think she is having a good impact on barry and making him a better person

9 Naked Rob
10 Andy

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11 Geoffrey
12 Principal Ball
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1. Beverly Goldberg
2. Murray Goldberg
3. Barry Goldberg
1. Barry Goldberg
2. Murray Goldberg
3. Beverly Goldberg



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