Best The Golden Girls Episodes


The Top Ten

1 The Engagement (Pilot)
2 Mary Had a Little Lamb

A pregnant teen moves in with the girls and Blanche's prison pen-pal visits. - dureckl

3 The Artist

Each of the girls are swindled by an artist to be drawn naked. - dureckl

4 It's a Miserable Life

Rose inadvertently cause an older woman to have a heart attack. - dureckl

Good Old Freida Claxton! My Favorite part is when the lady kicks her coffin. Should be #1!

5 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

The girls' Christmas doesn't go as planned. I think this is the one where they visit a homeless shelter and spend time with the people there. - dureckl

6 A Piece of Cake

The girls all reminisce about memorable incidents involving cake. Rose has a particularly moving monologue where she talks to her dead husband, Charlie. - dureckl

7 The Way We Met

I loved watching the episode how the girls that we loved met. And also how they cope up and adjust with each other during their beginnings.

The first season finale focuses on the how the girls came to be together. - dureckl

8 Adult Education

After several sexual harassment allegations, Blanche decides to stick it to her community college professor. - dureckl

9 Clinton Avenue Memoirs

Dorothy attempts to jog Sophia's fading memory. - dureckl

10 72 Hours

Rose discovers she may have contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion and is horrified and anxious about the results. - dureckl

The Contenders

11 Mrs. George Devereaux
12 Journey to the Center of Attention
13 Old Friends

Sophia befriends a man with Alzheimer's disease, while Dorothy and Blanche try to get Rose's teddy bear back from a devious little girl.

14 One For The Money
15 Three On A Couch
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