Top 10 Goldeneye 007 Gadgets


The Top Ten

1 Covert Modem

It's number for a reason folks

2 Camera

This was awesome should be number 1

Pictures that's all

3 Tracker Bug

This can track your worst enemy

4 Plastiques

There bombs and they are timed

Fun to use there helpful

5 Detonator

This one is awesome because it kills people

This gadget should be in the top 3

It's a bomb for peat sake

6 Door Decoder

This can open doors with a password it's awesome

7 CCTV Tape

It's a tape recorder its awesome and fun to collect


This was a great gadget used by bond

It's okay not the best

9 Data Thief

This gadget could data information from the thief

10 GoldenEye Key

This should be number 1 because it's the goldeneye key just like the goledeneye gun

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