Best Goldeneye 007 Levels


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1 Dam

I love how it's easy and fun. Also it has a mixture of indoor and outdoor scenes. And who could forget the amazing music. I love the music at the Dam, and the Dam was also the level that got me into the game. I remember picking up the game and using the sniper rifle and playing the game for the first time. - beatles5

And it's classic music love it

2 Caverns

I love how the Caverns is unique and rare. I remember getting help with the Caverns for the first time. Again the music is amazing there and it really sets the scene. This is also the longest level to complete in my opinion. - beatles5

It's really long fun challenging great music detail and it's a little spooky

This level is huge for that this should be number 1

This one is also fun

3 Frigate

This feels like a part 2 of the Dam because it takes place on water. I remember the summer of 2012 I played this level on the last day of summer. When I think of the Frigate I think of summer and fun. - beatles5

4 Silo

I instantly loved the Silo right when I heard the catchy music. I love the different gadgets like plastiques, the that, Circuit Boards and Key Cards. I love how the music has a rhythm that goes to the objectives. - beatles5

5 Facility

I always loved the Facility because it could be played over and over again and still be just as fun. I like going to the Facility to pass the time, or to have a good time. The objectives are very fun there too. - beatles5

Love it's atmosphere perfect quiet music and the start of level

The facility was the best level along with the caverns level

I love this level best mission goals

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6 Aztec Complex

It's the hardest level in the game but its fun to play and try to kill Jaws with is 2 M16!

7 Bunker

The bunker was hard but you can keep the girl safe locked in the cell

8 Statue

The most fun level and you can get lost easy

The best level because is so awesome

9 Train

Love being inside the train

Challenging level

A fastpaste and intense level

10 Bunker 2

This was a great level love exploring in this level

Better than bunker 1

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11 Depot

Easy. Good Music. Night Time. Very Underrated Level.

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