Top 10 Goldeneye 007 Songs


The Top Ten

1 Dam

This is a classic love this song

2 Caverns

This is the best level and song just a classic

The best song bros

3 Silo

This was the best music

4 Statue

Have fun getting lost in this level

5 Frigate

This the best golden eye song there is

6 Depot

Great music so quick

7 Train

The train song is awesome

This song is a classic

8 Streets

A deadly level but the best song I love different opinions

9 Control Room

The control room music was awesome

10 Aztec

This music fits the theme with the level just right

The Contenders

11 Egyptian

This level was awesome and a cool theme level

Really fun level

12 Cradle

The best music for the last level

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