Top Ten Golf Stereotypes


The Top Ten

1 The Powerhouse

That one golfer that hits it as hard as he cans and it goes far, yet know where near the hole... - Jackal2272


2 The Thinker

That golfer that takes like 20 minutes before he takes his shot... - Jackal2272

3 The Ball Fetcher

The crazy guy who will jump in to a pond to get his golf ball back... - Jackal2272

Lol balls

4 The Old Man

The old guy that ends up creaming everyone else at golf... - Jackal2272


5 The Miss

The person that keeps trying to hit the ball and misses over and over again... - Jackal2272

6 The Average Joe

Just your everyday typical golfer... - Jackal2272

7 The Youngster

One of the golfers kid comes along and won't shut up while the others are playing... - Jackal2272

8 The Wife

One of the golfers wife(this one in particular doesn't play golf) comes along and starts complaining about how dirty her club is... - Jackal2272

9 The "Pro"

He looks like a pro and has all the good clubs and gear but really he is terrible... - Jackal2272

10 The Cheap Shot

The golfer that moves his/her ball to a better place when know ones looking... - Jackal2272

The Contenders

11 The Mini Golfer

The guy that accidently comes because he thinks a golf corse is a huge mini golf place... - Jackal2272

12 The Real Deal

A real pro shows up and everybody crowds him and won't leave him alone


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