Top Ten Good Bands With Bad Vocalists

A bad vocalist doesn't always mean a bad band, but it can significantly lower the quality. Here are some of those bands.

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1 Megadeth Megadeth Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Megadeth was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums to date, and have gone through many lineup changes, with Dave more.

...I'd listen to Megadeth all the time... if not for the vocals. The vocals are garbage. They had two of the best living guitarists for a while. They should have hired a singer instead of having the marginally less remarkable guitarist "sing"

As terrible as anything can ever be. Besides the band is and always have been ridiculously laughable and overly pretentious. Show-Off dudes. Now they've gotten even worse, wonder why they don't hang their boots instead of repeatedly churning out garbages and raping ears. Not a fan of Metallica either, but at least they have couple of musically solid albums (MOP & RTL). - Vip3r

Surely megadeth is a great band and dave is a guitar god!
But his vocal suck! - Fenriz

I'm sure by now everybody knows where I stand as far as the whole Metallica/Megadeth thing. This is part of the reason for where I stand. - AngryByrd

2 Slayer Slayer Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California, formed in 1981 by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. They rose to fame with their 1986 album Reign in Blood, and is credited as one of the big four of thrash metal bands, the others being Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. more.

No his voice fits perfectly in their musical style. - Userguy44

I don't know why everyone is getting so freaked out about slayer being on the list! Since I'm not one of those people who worships slayer, I can't really relate, but I still love slayer's music! Look at the title of the list: GOOD bands with bad vocalists! I like their music, but that doesn't mean I have to think their vocalist is the single most amazing vocalist ever! I mean, if mindless yelling with no grit behind it is what you like, then I can see why you love Tom Araya. Just remember this about me: I love slayer, and Tom Araya's cool, I just don't like his vocals very much. - AngryByrd

Vocals are perfect. That toad Mustaine should be at the top of the list. In fact he should alone feature in this list. - Vip3r

This is the list of good bands with bad vocalists, and you don't think Megadeth is a good band. So why should they be at the top? - Alkadikce

No. He's a great vocalist for thrash. - Metal_Treasure

3 Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine Rage Against the Machine is a rock band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk.

I disagree. Zack makes this band even better in my opinion. - Userguy44

No! Zach is an amazing rapper and shouter. - DarkBoi-X

Every other member of the band is cool, but Zack De La Rocha is just an idiot. He's pretty much just yelling. Also, you can only hear "Uh! " So many times in one song. - AngryByrd

I just tune out the vocals..

4 U2 U2 U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have more.

Bono's not bad in my opinion. - Misfire

Bono is not a bad vocalist. - Userguy44

5 Guns N Roses Guns N Roses Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1985. The classic lineup, as signed to Geffen Records in 1986, consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. Apart from hard rock they are also more.

His vocals are far less annoying than that toad Mustaine's diabolical toad vocals. - Vip3r

Her vocal range is great but her voice is annoys me. - 05yusuf09

The most overrated singer ever. His whining is painful.

No, Axl Rose is (was) a great singer. His voice and singing style may annoy some people but his vocal skills are (were) amazing. In his prime Axl had a vocal/melodic range of 5 octaves, 2-1/2 notes (F1 to Bb6), sustain of 21 seconds LIVE, etc. So he's NOT a bad singer and shouldn't be on this list. He's actually one of the BEST and most talented rock singers. - Metal_Treasure

Expect for her personality, I don't know but her voice is irritating. - 05yusuf09

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6 Black Sabbath (Ozzy)

Just a decent singer. - Userguy44

7 The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. The first settled line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums). more.

Mick Jagger is a great vocalist and front man. Get him off of here.

The king of off-key singing along with Jim Morrison (The Doors) - Joeljohns249

Good frontman, but crappy vocalist! - AngryByrd

8 Living Sacrifice

Darren Johnson was a little bit better than Tom Araya. He used three different vocal styles: a yell, a death growl, and a slightly less growly death growl. They were all executed fairly well, but they each had problems. A yell just isn't good period, the death growling is completely unintelligible, and the other vocal style (I have no idea what to call it) sounded like an angry teenager who tried to do metal. - AngryByrd

9 Static X


10 Scars on Broadway

I was going to put System Of A Down on this list, but Serj isn't the reason. It's the guitarist, Daron Malakian that sounds like a prepubescent Armenian boy. For that reason, I put his solo band on the list. - AngryByrd

The Contenders

11 Rush Rush Rush was a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

Great bassist though

Geddy sounds like a 4 year old girl whining for no reason

Geddy's voice is just too high.

12 AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014 . They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1979, after which they hired Brian Johnson more.
13 Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.

Why? Because Corey screams too much? - Userguy44

Corey Taylor is not a bad vocalist

14 Nickelback Nickelback Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.

Have you seen them live? - Userguy44

Why go to a Nickelback concert when you can go to the bathroom of a truck stop and hear the same unpleasant groaning noises? At least with the truck stop visit, you don't necessarily spend a fortune.

Nickelback is a pretty bad band, but their singer is especially bad! And as of right now, Nickelback has a better vocalist than Helmet and Rage Against the Machine according to this list! That is a fail! Those bands should not be on a list like this, and the horrible-sounding Nickelback guy should be number 1!

At least he tries to do something besides yell. But with how he sings, I kind of wish he did just yell! - AngryByrd

Its when he finish a phrases the sound he make is so annoying!

15 Sabaton Sabaton Sabaton is a power metal band from Falun, Sweden formed in 1999. The band's main lyrical themes are based on war and historical battles.

The instrumental it's ok or decent, but the voice of the vocalist it's TERRIBLE

Nah.I think they have a good vocalist. - DarkBoi-X

His voice is just unpleasant, almost as much as their repetitive and cliché music.

16 Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr. is an American rock band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1984, originally simply called Dinosaur until legal issues forced a change in name.
17 Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin is a American post-grunge/alternative metal band formed in 1998. The bands members all changed in the time between 2010 to 2014, with the exception of Ben Burnley (Vocals). The Ex-Members included Chad Szeliga (Drums), Aaron Fink (Guitar) and Mark Klepaspi (Bass). more.

Ben Burnley doesn't sound too bad, but he just sounds weird. Another thing, even though I'm a huge BB fan, I can name a lot of things wrong with them. No other band could rip off System Of A Down twice, release an album of clones, and have a vocalist who always sounds like a retarded old man and have me still adore them! - AngryByrd

18 Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland.

Garbage band, atrocious vocals (better than that Frog Mustaine's vocals), terrible garbage outputs, horrendous personality. - Vip3r

Fred is just terrible

when he sings he sounds like he has not entered puberty same goes for he's screaming. He's rapping is he's only good quality and he's not even a particulrly good rapper. Fred for a long time was considered the least talented person in the music buisness. And for good reason

Limp Bizkit's an already terrible band.

They are all good at what they do,even Fred durst - marco-mbs

19 Coal Chamber Coal Chamber Coal Chamber was formed in Los Angeles, CA, in 1993. The current members of Coal Chamber are Dez Fafara (Vocals), Nadja Peulen (Bass), Meegs Rascón (Guitar), and Mike Cox (Drums). Former members of the band include Rayna Foss, Chela Rhea Harper, and John Thor. Coal Chamber is typically known being more.

The reason I didn't put Dez Fafara's other band, Devildriver, on the list is because I love them, and Dez showed great vocal power with Devildriver. It's just that with Coal Chamber, he didn't have enough aggression in his voice. - AngryByrd

20 Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989 by frontman Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz, the group was originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids with their theatrical performances gathering a local cult following in the early 1990s. more.

I love Manson, but most of the time he sounds like he's dying. Just because you look like a monster doesn't mean you have to sound like one.

He sounds especially bad live! He squeals every five seconds! - AngryByrd

It might be just me, but I actually love his voice. I don't know what it is but when he sings it's just amazing. - music-is-life

21 Alestorm Alestorm Alestorm is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band by many critics and their fanbase.
22 Helmet Helmet Helmet is an American alternative metal band from New York City formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist and lead guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet has had numerous lineup changes, and Hamilton has been the only constant member.

It's not the singing, it's the yelling. Again. - AngryByrd

23 Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.

He sounded good, but his vocal range was pretty narrow compared to a lot of other singers from the time. - AngryByrd

Too bad for his vocal range, but hey, as long as he sounded good for his music, he's not a bad vocalist. Les Claypool from Primus has a wider range than Freddie Mercury, does that make him better? - JoLeKosovo

Singers can be good/bad absolutely or relatively. Kurt is not an absolutely bad singer, he's just not good enough relatively, i.e. compared to other singers from his genre and generation.

Cornell and Staley are way better singers than Kurt but Kurt became more popular than them, so he is even overrated. - Metal_Treasure

Cobain can't hold a candle to Cornell or Staley. - IronSabbathPriest

Most of the time you can't understand what Kurt is saying. An example of this would be Smells Like Teen Spirit.

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24 Oasis Oasis Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Developed from an earlier group, the Rain, the band originally consisted of Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.

There's two brothers in this band, The guitarist is amazing he uses tons of different techniques and
Ranges through a whole buch a different styles.
While the brother who sings sounds like he has larningistis, on their better songs.. , - rubymac


25 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

They just SHOULDN'T be on this list!

26 Judas Priest Judas Priest Judas Priest are a British heavy metal band that formed in Birmingham, England, in 1969. They are often referred to as one of the greatest metal bands of all time, and are even commonly called “The Metal Gods”, after one of the songs on their 1980 album “British Steel”. more.

Although I like Rob Halford's voice, he sometimes sounds like a donkey and I understand why they are here. I don't even bother Queen being on the list because it's just people's opinions. - Alkadikce

So wrong you are. Halford is a rock god, bow down and worship

Why? - Userguy44

Judas Priest has absolutely no place on this list, Rob Halford has a huge vocal range. Even now his voice has only gotten more character, not diminished.

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27 Muse Muse Muse are an English alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The members are Matt Bellamy (lead vocal, lead guitar, piano, keyboard), Dom Howard (drums, percussion) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals). They've won several awards including 5 MTV Awards, 8 NME Awards, 2 more.

But Matt's got a good voice. - Misfire

I mean it fits the music, even though HHHe breathes too HHHhard and he sounds like he's out of breath and kind of dying all the time. - JoLeKosovo

Should be number one on this list, he is far worse than Dave Mustaine!

No way! Matt's voice is great. What the heck. - Userguy44

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28 Maroon 5 Maroon 5 Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that originated in Los Angeles, California. Before the current group was established, the original four members, Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick, formed a band known as Kara's Flowers in 1994, while they were still in high school.

Adam's vocals aren't bad. He usually sings well live. - Misfire

So right! Adam Levine is such a poser. Can’t cover up that poor voice with falsetto!

29 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.
30 Yoko Ono Yoko Ono Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist who is also known for her work in performance art, music, and filmmaking. Singer-songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles was her third husband.

Yoko Ono isn't a band. - Misfire


31 Dream Theater Dream Theater Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. The band was formed in 1985 under the name of "Majesty", only to change its name to Dream Theater later. more.

Terrible vocalist, terrible band as always. Never heard a decent album from them. Simply loading riffs and solos in a song with no sense for musicality much like that toad's show-off band. Octavarium is the most horribly pretentious album I've heard off any band from any genre. - Vip3r

Oh, god no! James LaBrie has an amazing range, and his vocals fit the music perfectly! Just try to sing Pull Me Under as well as he does and then tell me he's bad! - AngryByrd

Really? James LaBrie? Bad? Ok, he has a few songs where he sounds silly. But all vocalists do at some point. These DT songs have amazing vocals: Learning To Live, The Spirit Carries On, Home, One Last Time, Finally Free, Panic Attack, Octavarium, The Ministry of Lost Souls, A Nightmare to Remember, etc. - IronSabbathPriest

32 Opeth Opeth Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with more.

Shocking! I stopped taking this list seriously until I saw this great vocalist on the list. Adding Mikael, Opeth, or any it's band members on any sort of worst list is a punishable crime - the offender will repent for the rest of his/her life.

When someone forgot their appointment to the doctor for the brain & ear check up and instead wasted the time here in adding this item.. - Arhaan95

Some brainless creature added this item - Vip3r

Mikael Akerfeldt on this list is so wrong - he's a great and versatile singer. His clean voice is soft and pleasant, his growls are powerful. - Metal_Treasure

33 Blink 182 Blink 182 Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.
34 Overkill Overkill Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey. They have gone through many line-up changes, with singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D.
35 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

Why in the hell are they on here!?

36 Creed Creed Creed was an American rock band, formed in 1993 in Tallahassee, Florida. The band's best-known line-up consisted of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist and vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips.

I think the band is OKAY. But the lead singer is whom I can't stand (not because of his voice, but because he's done so many stupid things in his career that it's hard to even like him).

37 Cage the Elephant Cage the Elephant Cage the Elephant is an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that formed in 2006 and relocated to London, England, in 2008 before their first album was released.
38 The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins The Smashing Pumpkins is an American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1988. Formed by frontman Billy Corgan and James Iha, the band included D'arcy Wretzky and Jimmy Chamberlin in its original incarnation. They are also considered to be one of the most influential alternative more.

He sounds like a rat in a cage

Billy Corgan sounds like Rancid Rabbit from CatDog.

39 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam is a Grunge Rock Band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. The band had comprised of Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. more.

I challenge anyone to tell me all the lyrics to Even Flow without looking them up. - truckturner

No. - Userguy44

40 Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band's musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles.

I love this band, but yeah I don't care for the vocals. I don't mind some screaming but it took me a long time to get past the vocals. It is one of my all time favorite bands though

41 Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate was a Danish heavy metal band from Copenhagen, formed in 1981 by vocalist King Diamond and guitarist Hank Shermann.

Why are they on here? King's voice is incredible.

42 Hirax
43 Vio-Lence Vio-Lence Vio-lence was an American thrash metal band formed in 1985 in the San Francisco Bay Area. They released demo tapes, one EP and 3 LPs between 1985 and 1993. Their most stable line-up was Phil Demmel and Robb Flynn on guitars, Deen Dell on bass, Perry Strickland on drums and Sean Killian on vocals.
44 Grateful Dead Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California. Ranging from quintet to septet, the band is known for its unique and eclectic style, which fused elements of country, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, rock, improvisational jazz, psychedelia, space rock, for live performances more.
45 Queen Queen Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

Not in my opinion. Queen's a great band and has a fantastic lead singer! - Misfire

Trolls... - Userguy44

46 Faith No More Faith No More Faith No More is an American rock band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1979. Before settling on their current moniker in 1983, the band performed under the names Sharp Young Men and later Faith No Man.

Mike sounds like Spongebob in Epic's chorus. - Userguy44

Mike sounds like a cartoon character.

47 Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Suicide Silence is an American deathcore band from Riverside, California. Formed in 2002, the band has released four full-length studio albums, one EP and eleven music videos.
48 Green Day Green Day Green Day are an American pop punk, punk rock, and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1986. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative more.

I like Billie's voice... - Misfire

49 New Found Glory

Jordan's voice is a bit yelling and sometimes is distractive

50 Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping with Sirens is an American Rock band from Orlando Florida. The band formed in 2009. SWS lead singer is Kellin Quinn

The main problem is Kellin Quinn's voice, I swear the first time I heard them I think the vocalist was a girl

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