Good Boxers Who Have a Glass Jaw

All of these boxers are either very good or even great but are known to not take a punch well.

The Top Ten

1 Richard Dunn

11 of his 12 loses are by knockout. - THC13

2 Roy Jones Jr Roy Jones Jr

In his prime he never got hit. When his age caught up with him and his reflexes got shotty he suffered some brutal knockouts. Turns out he doesn't take a punch well. We just never knew cause he never got hit before. - THC13

3 Amir Khan

He is British so of course he cannot take a punch. The British are lovers, not fighters.

He does not take a punch well at all. - THC13

4 Wladimir Klitschko

Reacts badly every time he eats a punch. He has admitted he has a glass jaw. - THC13

5 Audley Harrison

He was a great amateur and Olympian. Highly regarded when he first turned pro. Unfortunately his chin did not hold up as a professional. - THC13

6 Gerry Cooney

Legendary for having a glass jaw. I feel it's been exaggerated though. - THC13

7 Tommy Hearns

"I have the chin of a 84 year old woman" - Tommy Hearns - THC13

8 Ken Norton

However, he did break Ali's jaw. - THC13

9 Jermain Taylor

After being knockout the first time, he could never take a punch again. - THC13

10 Lennox Lewis
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