Top Ten Good but Overrated Movies

The Top Ten

1 The Matrix

Very dated and still bad - TermonatorT888

2 Citizen Kane
3 Leon: The Professional
4 Raiders of the Lost Ark
5 Frozen

I love this movie but it's very overrated

6 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
7 Titanic

Second highest grossing film and award winner? I don't see it.

8 The Dark Knight
9 Star Wars
10 Finding Dory

The Contenders

11 Inside Out
12 Big Hero 6

Not a bad film, but it seems like everyone is or was too focused on using it to shame "Frozen" or the fact that there was only one white character who wasn't a villain never mind that nobody's race was called attention to in the movie itself and it's totally different from "Frozen"

13 Twilight
14 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
15 Suicide Squad
16 Pulp Fiction
17 Zootopia

Can't the furries, slactivists, Tumblrinas, and SJWs who keep defending this like it was their newborn child at least concede that it belongs on *this* list?

18 Trolls
19 The Secret Life of Pets
20 Furious 7
21 Son of the Mask
22 Avatar

I like this movie, but It's overrated. - BacklegoplanesProductions

23 Saving Private Ryan
24 Die Hard
25 Ghostbusters

It's definitely good, but it doesn't really deserve to be treated like a relic.

26 The Transformers: The Movie

Very overrated. How come fans don't realise THIS is what ruined the franchise.
1. Killing off characters to sell toys of new ones.
2. Derivative plot that is too similar to A New Hope.
3. Changing the franchise forever.
4. Responsible for the whole “Prime-dies-and-comes-back-to-life” gimmick we're all totally fed up with by now.
5. Irritating Human and Robot characters.
6. Barely any character development.

Time to take off those rose-tinted glasses and just admit it. It's not a masterpiece.

27 Coco (2017)
28 Black Panther
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