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The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.


Say what you want about SpongeBob. At least it is still TRYING to be good. This went so downhill. Once Season 9 came out with Sparky, I was worried. Then that mary sue CHLOE happened. God I can't stand her. - DCfnaf

It's just not as funny as it used to be. But don't even ask me what they were smoking when they put Sparky in. - Garythesnail

Sparky was probably the one that ruined the show, but Chloe is still a terrible character. She's about as Mary Sue as you could get. FOP just kept getting worse after Season 9 and she did nothing good or new for it. Yes this show will always be special to Butch Hartman (since it was his first true success that was his own idea), but he's not doing it or himself any favors by keeping it on longer than it needs to. While I was watching a few episodes of Season 10, I couldn't help but cringe at the forced unfunny jokes, annoying voice acting (Tara Strong's mostly, since the voice she used to give Timmy wasn't THAT annoying), and the way Chloe steals the spotlight every time she shows up to remind us that she's the new star of the show. Seriously, FOP should've been cancelled years ago because it has gotten stupid even by its own standards!

I personally want to sit down and have a discussion with the writers about this whole "Share the fairies" thing. They ruined my childhood...

Ever time they add a new character to Fairly OddParents they hit a new all time low. first poof, then sparky, and now I just found an episode on YouTube with a new character called chloe. Lets just say I never thought this show would hit the bottom this hard.

Chloe has sucked all the remaining soul out of this show and spat on it. The additions of new characters makes me want to vomit. Butch, I love and respect your work,but please, for the love of god, get rid of this show. I can't stand what this show has become. The original first few seasons were spectacular, so why didn't we just leave it at that. Oh, and Butch, if you are reading this, then, bring back Danny Phantom. PLEASE? - td05

I think it's official that this show should be Number 1 on this list, and not SpongeBob. Let's face it, while SpongeBob is actually improving, Fairly Odd Parents has officially gotten worse. The writing has gotten lazy (or in Season 10's case, lazier); the continuity has been officially messed up; the jokes have ranged to either forced or just plain unfunny; the new characters are either annoying (Sparky) or pointless (Chloe); and most of the old characters have been devolved into unfunny, unlikable, selfish, sadistic jerks!

Seasons 9 & 10 of Fairly Odd Parents were the most painful things I have ever watched! The old characters have become either annoying or unlikable, the new characters are pointless and even more annoying, and the humor was so bad that it reached (Dare I say it? ) Teen Titans Go level of comedy! That's how low this show has gotten! I know that it sounds harsh, but I'm just letting out my opinion. Thank God Nickelodeon had finally moved this show over to Nicktoons, because Season 11 will not (and SHOULD NOT) happen!

At least other cartoons jumped the shark 3 TIMES - SBells27

To think that Kari Wahlgren; the same voice actress who dubs Saber from Fate/Zero, Haruko Haruhara from FLCL, Celty Sturluson from Durarara!, and etc., also voices that annoying Mary Sue of a character we all know and hate as Chloe Carmichael. Well, considering she also voices another unlikable character, Suzy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb (ugh, I couldn't stand Suzy even back in the show's original run! ), it seems Suzy's annoyance carried onto Chloe. Either way, I just wish Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman can finally put the stop on this deadbeat series. Hartman, you're a great writer and all and I love the content you post on your YouTube channel, but come on. There's no need to drag on a show that's already been dragged on too much that it's all ragged and torn up on the outside and inside. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't agree it has downhill and I actually love the new episodes.
Update: Nah... I kinda hate the new episodes now.. I'm starting to get into Gravity Falls since that's one of the only good shows along with Regular Show. - cosmo

They've been adding new characters to main cast that are either pointless or annoying, reusing the same plots of other episodes from the past, messing up with the continuity, made the old characters moronic and unlikable, and even switched to flash animation by the second-half of Season 10 (and not the good kind). Do I even to need to explain why else this show should be at the top of this list? I think not!

It has gotten terrible. Modern FOP is basically the kid-friendly version of Modern-Family Guy.

Why did they have to add that little miss perfect character? - TheFourthWorld

SpongeBob and The Simpsons no longer deserve the title of being the worst of them all when it comes to seasonal rot! Even Family Guy, no matter how offensive and vile the newer episodes can be, no longer deserves it! After watching more of the newer episodes (unfortunately), that honor now belongs to Fairly Odd Parents.

What's even worse about Season 10 is that they even ruined the theme song. They basically screwed around with the lyrics just so they could add Chloe into it. Why would they do that!?!?! That's one of the most well-known theme songs of all time! It's just unnecessary. Not even SpongeBob changed the lyrics of his theme song as his show progressed!

It's about time Nickelodeon moved this show over to Nicktoons. After seeing a bit of Season 10, they must have finally realized that it's been going on for too long and that it no longer needs to be renewed. Besides, Nick doesn't even need The Fairly Odd Parents anymore. It's still got SpongeBob (which, unlike FOP, is actually getting better now that Stephen Hillenberg, along some of the original writers, have returned to work on the show) and it also has great other shows, like The Loud House, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miraculous Ladybug, and even Butch Hartman's brand new series, Bunsen is a Beast.

The BIGGEST difference between the modern episodes of Fairly Odd Parents and modern of episodes of either SpongeBob, The Simpsons, and Family Guy is that the writers ACTUALLY TRY! Yes, even modern episodes of Family Guy have better writing than this giant train wreck! That's how much the episodes of modern FOP suck!

I'd say it's official that this show should be at the very top of this list and not SpongeBob! Unlike modern SpongeBob, modern FOP has NOT made improvements whatsoever! The continuity has just been thrown right out of the window, proving that the writers clearly don't give a crap for this show anymore.

I really miss it when it was just Cosmo and Wanda. I agree with the fact that this should've ended after Channel Chasers (I thought that was pretty good) and never go on the the Poof episode afterward.

Oh, god. This needs to be number one. This HAS to be number one. Here is why this should be number one.

Top 5 Reasons

5. It is random and the jokes come around in EVERY WAY. Seriously, starting in Seasons 6-8, we got a bunch of jokes that have NOTHING to do with the story. And the story can be dumb and random, too. Timmy's dad falling for a DOG?!

4. The annoying voices. There is a ton of screaming in the later seasons, it'll make your ears bleed. Cosmo, oh, crap, Cosmo's voice went from tolerable to ear-grating.

3. The plots are very, very stupid. That's all I have to say.

2. The animation style. This didn't start until Season 9, but it looks awful. The characters look so different from Seasons 1-8. Wanda and Cosmo look so stupid with their redesign.

And the number one reason is...

Never mind. You know what it is. - sandycheeks

Chloe is a horrible character idea. Suddenly there is a fairy shortage really? That's the best they can do? I actually like Sparky and Poof (though why is Cosmo pregnant? ) so I'm in the minority. I don't watch the newest season of The Fairly OddParents.

Say what you want about the modern episodes of SpongeBob, at least they didn't need to add pointless new characters to the cast. I have no idea why the writers kept on doing that. Poof was okay, but Sparky and Chloe are both completely annoying and extremely pointless.

Finally! Number 1, where it belongs. - TheReviewer20

The writing is so bad that they even rehash plots from previous episodes! That alone is the BIGGEST example of how lazy these writers are! Thank God that this show has finally been cancelled because it has overstayed its welcome for too long.