Top Ten Good Deeds to Do Before You Die

Even if you have no other reason to do a good deed than it'll make you feel superior, a good deed still helps someone. Doing something good can be motivated by religious reasons, social/cultural pressure, financial benefit, or just prideful piety. Regardless, the results are that other people benefit. You can give a dollar to a charity to prove a point but the charity still gets a dollar.

The Top Ten

1 Donate to a charity

Changes peoples lives. - illusion

Sometimes the best birthday gift can be to donate to a charity that the person believes in. - Finch

Always, there is always someone worse off than you.

I'd like to do this sometime. - Powerfulgirl10

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2 Let a homeless person shower and eat a meal at your place

This is a deed most humans are afraid to do as they judge the homelessness based on their suspicious demeanor. - illusion

You may need to keep a watchful eye if you are untrusting, but they will still appreciate it. - Finch


The best of luck to you. Watch the ID channel to see the possible rewards of such charity.

3 Give someone a ride somewhere

You know what if the person acts polite and the second no one is watching he pulls up a gun and demands you to drive at a certain area to kill you. I would only do this to a person who is poor or who is desperate to get somewhere but you don't know if your their target and their just saying that to get you or if they really do need help be careful - Cartoons4life

Picked up teenager carrying his acoustic guitar without a case just as it started to rain. He had long hair and was radically dressed which would put off most people. It rained harder and harder so I took him to his destination: church.

It doesn't have to be a hitchhiker. It can be someone from your neighborhood heading to the store or school. - Finch

I have never did one good deed listed in this list, I doubt my place in the afterlife now. - StephanTheIdiot

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4 Buy someone gas for their car

Getting gas in your car at the station and see someone pull up to the pump next to you? Why not offer to buy them a tank of gas. Who's going to say no to that? - Finch

If he can afford a car it also means that he or she is not really needy? Don't you think?

To nice!

5 Offer manual labor as a service to a neighbor

Shovel snow, mow the lawn, rake leaves, whatever. Just find something in your neighborhood that needs to be done, knock on the person's door and ask their permission to do it, then do it with a smile. Leave when you're done and ask nothing in return. - Finch

6 Compliment a complete stranger

Everyone in this world longs for appreciation. It is all the matter of impressing. So it's good that we show that we are impressed with someone's efforts. A word of appreciation can sometime mean a lot.

Make it genuine and sincere, but pick something about someone you see on the street or in the halls and give them a real compliment. Looks, clothes, smile, whatever. Just make it something authentic, smile, and keep walking. - Finch

I told a 100 year old woman that she was 20 - AlphaQ

Really really wanted to do this to a teenage girl who had the most loveliest long, shiny hair I've ever seen but I just couldn't. You just never know how your compliment will be accepted.
I like to smile at complete strangers though and it's so uplifting when it's returned. - Britgirl

7 Rescue one or more animals

My deceased cat was a homeless baby kitten that my mom and my brother found on a dump near my house. Poor thing, It died from a disease.. - MLPFan

This is something I really want to do - Cartoons4life

I would really like to do this. - Powerfulgirl10

Must to do thing.

8 Cook a meal for your family

It can be macaroni and cheese or something that requires a recipe and some real work, but try offering to make a full meal (getting takeout doesn't really count) AND do the cleanup after. Just say it's to show appreciation for your family and leave it at that. - Finch

Don't cook... just make raw cookie dough, it's way better! - EliHbk

9 Give blood/plasma

You can usually get paid for donating plasma. Regardless, give some much-needed blood or plasma to an organization that needs it. If you wanna go over the top, organize a blood drive at your work or school and get other involved. - Finch

I've always wanted to. It's something that does good for others and the only pain with it is needles - AnonymousChick

Those emails you get from the blood donation people saying "Someone, Somewhere, Needs Your Help! " make you feel temporarily like a superhero. - PositronWildhawk

I'm not too sure about plasma, that word's too big for me. - EliHbk

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10 Offer to take someone's picture

Once I was at Disney's California Adventure a woman came up to me and asked me to take a picture of her and her family in front of Paradise Pier. I took the picture for them, and they were very happy.

Did this one while me and my family were driving on a mountain. A man of about 40-50 years old pulled up next to the car on a motorcycle and asked me to take a picture of him standing next to a nearby sign with the name of the mountain on it. I offered to do it, and within 10 seconds, it was done. I gave him back his phone, got back in the car and watched him ride off. - Livirus

I did that and took a self by mistake. - AlphaQ

This is what I would do

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11 Get a gift for a relative

My relatives should get gifts for ME instead.

Send flowers to your grandmother or send a postcard to a cousin. Let your loved ones know you're thinking about them. - Finch

Send weed to some edgy teenager in your family. Give a Nerf gun to your 15 year old cousin and get a pizza for everyone else. - AlphaQ

12 Phone your neighbours and warn them that Jehovah's witnesses are knocking on doors on your street

They wake me up on a Saturday and it's really annoying. Always a good deed to warn others they are coming, especially before you die.

I wish someone would do this for me ;P - drakerocks4261

13 Sit and talk with a lonely stranger

This is kind of a risk reward move but definitely worth it if you find the right person - Randomator

I'd did that except that he was on too of a building and I was trying to convince him to live his life and not jump off. - AlphaQ

This can be so rewarding. - moonwolf


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14 Save a person's life

That'd be rare. - Luckys

Not #1? - EliHbk

15 Adopt a child

What is someone doesn't want to raise kids or have the essentials to take care of one?

I really want to adopt a daughter, it'd be an intresting experience for me and hopefully my daughter. - EliHbk

16 Give your teacher an apple

Why an apple? There's other fruits like pineapples and watermelons. Go on be creative give them a pineapple.

Cliche much, give em a pat on the head instead - EliHbk

I keep on forgetting to do that - Cartoons4life

17 Let a loved one know you care about them
18 Visit a child in the hospital who is sick and make them smile

A kid smile in a hospital when their life is at risk every day is one of the best moments ever - Randomator

I did that and he started laughing because my pants fell off.

What I was there for was a different story, one of my friends got injured after doing a backflip of his rollerskates and landing in a ditch. We took him to a hospital and we started a huge rap battle there. - AlphaQ

19 Give a greeting card to someone you don't talk to
20 Ring a neighbour and warn them that Jehovah's witnesses are about
21 If you see an elderly person or couple in line at check out buying groceries, buy their groceries for them
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1. Donate to a charity
2. Buy someone gas for their car
3. Cook a meal for your family
1. Let a homeless person shower and eat a meal at your place
2. Give someone a ride somewhere
3. Donate to a charity


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