Top 10 Good Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

The Top Ten Good Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This is a PS3 game that has quite good graphics, sounds and voices. It has a Campaign and Multiplayer Mode. I left my Playstation on with this game in for almost 2 years and it has not shown a single player online.

The free roam is great - xCHAOSNARUTOx

This game was good

2 Mario Slam Basketball

This is a little Basketball Game by the Iconic Mario. Travel around the globe playing matches against the Best! Unlock new characters and Basketballs to play with. Multiplayer does lose some quality as you can only play against each other collecting coins.

3 Over the Hedge

This little Gameboy game is a 3D-ish puzzle game where you play as the Team of Animals, stealing food from humans, avoiding dogs and cats and have fun doing so. The Humor-meter would go through the Roof!

4 Ice Age 2

Another Gameboy Game. This one evolves around Sid, Manny and Diego escaping the Flood. Filled with Puzzles and Danger, this game is missing more plays.

5 Spectrobes

Spectrobes is in a way a bit like Pokemon on Mars. You have your own creatures you need to catch and fossils to collect. Sometimes you can bring the fossils to life! Journey to the Mountains and beyond in this adventure game!

This game is better than Pokemon because you can fight alongside your spectrobe. And you kick ass. - TheGrammarPolice

6 Lost Planet 2

This is a Playstation game. It is on some ways a mixture of Avatar and Call Of Duty. The story is great, but a little confusing at times, as you skip around the planet on a Journey to kill the Horrifying Akrids, whom are the Aliens inhabiting the planet. They are often put in to Category's. They can be wormy, to slithering, to flying, to swimming. All different sizes and shapes. There are also people on the planet from the past visits who stay there and try and protect the Akrids. Giant machine guns, VS-Vehicles and just big f**** Lazers come in handy at any time. It's only 5 for the Story, would be better if it weren't so darn confusing

7 Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

I have this game

This is a Wii game about Balls. Monkey Balls. You choose out of 8 monkeys to go on a Journey to retrieve your beloved Golden Bananas. You use your Wii Remote and Nunchuck to moves these balls the Monkeys use for Transport. Balance is definitely needed, as you do parkour throughout most of the story. There are also mini games from flying a bird to wresting

8 Garry's Mod

Funny game, almost like a grown-up Little Big Planet, create anything you like!

9 Radiation's Halloween Hack

Overall, this Earthbound hack is quite easily the most disturbing fan-game I've ever seen.

Actually, it's kind of the most disturbing GAME I've ever seen. - xandermartin98

10 Ratatouille

This is a Game about the loving Rat trying to collect Food and find his way Home. It's a 3D game with A lot of food involved. If you're hungry, don't play this game as it won't help. Gourmet food is served right around the corner by these French Chefs.

The Contenders

11 The Sims 2 (Nintendo DS)

Fun simulation game! You get to create your own character. You get to be the manager of a hotel and take up many fun challanges that have to do with chores you do. The bottom touch screen really helps you do things like interact with other people. You also have some free time to take care of your sim and friend new people and also to have a little fun!

It is fun and you can build anything!

12 Record of Agarest War
13 Transformers: War for Cybertron
14 Transformers Animated: The Game

This is a 2D platformer with more puzzles and such. Choose from Optimus Prime, Bulkhead and Bumblebee to defeat the evil Megatron once more. The final level is a Good but confusing battle. Only the best can understand how to defeat him. Therefore it's only 10

15 NetStorm: Islands At War

A video game released in the late 90s that sadly never went anywhere. It is now available as freeware online. It brilliantly combines elements of Starcraft and Tetris.

16 God Hand

Great 3D beat em up that doesn't get enough attention.

17 Gods Eater Burst
18 Parappa the Rapper
19 Um Jammer Lammy
20 Balloonatics

This game is the best Canadian game ever! I really recommend it! - neehawgamer

21 Superhot

Best video game I have ever played! 'time moves only when you move' has one of the best backstories of any games I have ever played!

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