Top Ten Good Ideas for Rugrats Movies

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1 Rugrats In Space: The Movie

I was thinking about this before I went on this website

It be even cooler as a part one and part two 3-D movie

He will die in space because his lungs are reversed

2 Rugrats Go Spongey

Meeting spongebob would be awesome for rugrats

3 Rugrats: The Amnesia Baby

Tommy will scream so loud when he is playing the game!

4 Reptar
5 A Rugrats Christmas Carol V 1 Comment
6 Rugrats Meet Their Future Selves

I think that the future selves would be able to communicate with the babies because they are the same people.

HAHAAHAHA! IF TOMMY SAW HIS OWN self he would throw up and die because he's so ugly

7 Kimi The Superhero
8 Angelica Gets a Belt Beating

That is the stupidest idea ever, even though Angelica deserves one!

It looks like Angelica gets a belt beating by Patrick from Spongebob or Robin from Teen Titans Go

9 Chuckie In Wonderland

This is a GREAT idea! My favorite character from Rugrats as the main character (besides Rugrats In Paris) in a movie! (Chuckie is the main character or he has the main conflict in the second movie! )

I think the other Rugrats should join in with Chuckie, also it would be cool if the wonderland characters were voiced by famous stars!

Not to good but the second best movei idea on the list. my favourite is the spike movei

10 Rugrats: Inside Dil's Mind

Baby Dil needs more love. He had so much potential wasted on the fact they never let him learn to talk or crawl. They just left him an annoying wailing blob when he could of been an actual character!

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11 Rugrats Rock Stars
12 The Spike Movie
13 The Rugrats Theory

Mmm hmm I think this would get peoples interest, don't you think?

14 Rugdog
15 Angelica the Explorer

No no no no no Angelica as Dora

16 All-New Rugrats the Motion Picture
17 Everyone Dies, the House Explodes and the Show Ends

Except for Angelica the hero of the show. - Kgjc

18 Rugrats Puppy Rescue Quest V 1 Comment
19 Rugrats/Final Fantasy 7 Crossover

It will make a great movie if the Avalanche Team babysits the Rugrats babies, and the best future Spoilers, the Rugrats babies sets traps, Home Alone style, and beat up Sephiroth with Cid's spear and Phil and Lil would jump and land on top of Sephiroth's "materias" while the Avalanche gang and the Rugrats babies saves Aeris from getting killed by Sephiroth

20 Chuckie Sees His Mommy
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