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21 Chuckie Sees His Mommy
22 Underrated Adventure

Who's the three underrated characters? Angelica, Dil, Kimi. What if the three went on there own adventure and we got to see more adventurous sides to Dil and Kimi and as for Angelica, well we could see here more good side that most people forget about.

23 The Rugrats Reunion Special

In this reuinion episode tommy gets the terrible 2s and the grand finale will be Tommys first word it will be: reptar this will be the season 10 premiere after a brand new Harvey beaks at 7:00 on Nickelodeon

In this T.V. movie tommy gets the terrible 2s and the grand finale will be tommys first word: reptar it will premire on September 18th 2015 after a brand new cat scratch on Nickelodeon then the splat logo with the new logos font appers

24 Ginger Meets the Rugrats (Rugrats As Told by Ginger Crossover)
25 Angelica's Punishment Day
26 Rugrats in TV World the Movie

Maybe if the Rugrats Movie's Plot was different if the Babies including Angelica got sucked into a television set by Stu's home made universal remote and begin a journey through the T.V. world while Didi was still pregnant with Dil through out the movie.

27 Rugrats Meet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
28 Rugrats & the Chocolate Factory
29 Rugrats Tales from the Crib Robin Hood
30 Rugrats: Full-Fledged Adults
31 Rugrats Meets Outlaw Star
32 Rugrats in Final Fantasy 7
33 Rugrats Meets the Power Rangers
34 Rugrats in Trigun
35 Rugrats Meets the Bebe's Kids
36 Rugrats Meets F-Zero GP Legend

It's when The Mobile task force platoon F-Zero racers babysits the babies and Angelica and later They steal Jody Summer's car to go for a joy ride in the race

37 Rugrats: The Baby Rangers
38 Rugrats Meets Kingdom Hearts
39 Rugrats Meets Cowboy Bebop

The Bepop Crew babysits the Rugrats babies until they encounter the bounty, the babynapper that kidnaps babies.

40 Baby Dil Talks in an Adult Voice
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