Top Ten Good Luck Charlie Characters


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1 Syd

A female hairdresser played by Rachel Melvin. Can be seen in the episode "Bad Luck, Teddy! ".

2 Gabriel Basso Duncan

He is nice and cool.

No he is not annoying.

Gabe is so nice to people and kind and respectful he listens and do his choose on good luck Charlie.

He is so kind to people.

3 Amy Duncan

Love this character... I can't think of another show where the mother works full-time, is family oriented, while maintaining
a sense of style and self at the same time, the way This character does. Amy Duncan is smart, witty, and so funny. She is friendly with her kids, but she is "still the boss applesauce"! I think she personifies the modern day mom! Love her!

Amy duncan is the funniest person on the show! On other comedy shows on Disney Channel the moms do not play the roll really good but she does! I do not really like charlie! They make her do all the good stuff! Vote 4 amy because she is funny!

She's a awesome mom and cares a lot about her children and is very protective and loyal to them especially to her husband Bob. She also trust Gabe since he's always cheers her up and is on her side. Amy and Gabe are two of my five favorite characters the others is PJ, Charlie, and Toby

She's the most funniest by far and I thing Charlie is adorable I love her, but I don't think she should be 2nd because she really doesn't do that much... Just my opinion

4 Teddy Duncan Teddy Duncan Teddy R. Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), Charlie's only sister, is the second-oldest Duncan sibling. Feeling that she will not be around as much when Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping they will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. She produces more.

You should date spencer he's hot bow is nothing but really hot every one watch good bye Charlie wait it was on at 8 :00 and at the end every one said good luck Charlie. Charlie said it the country way it was funny I will never forget about this show I only like good luck Charlie much better it's best I'm going to miss that funny humiliate show it's the lovely show ever it almost made me cry. Teddy is beautiful that's why she gets the hot boys that's not fair enough I'm hot to just joking but look at me I love you teddy and tobby I got this teddy bear for Christmas I named him tobby teddy that family is gorges just like you bye love Gus a lot keep on working it girl Amy you are my funny one gable is really rude in the show pj is stupid bob is funny Charlie is adorable just like Robby they are pretty

Teddy is amazing. She makes video diary for Charlie to help her with her teenage life. Teddy is so sweet😄

Teddy is the best character ever! Plus, Bridgit Mendler is the best celebrity in the world. Ha, Justin Bieber!

Teddy we need to talk about Gabe ok her it go's I like gabe he's Hot I want to date your brother gabe just go tell him and he says yes or no just one date and that all and he has pretty eyes and this is about. Gabe no one else. Just gabe promise to go tell gabe.

5 Charlie Duncan

She is just to cute. Whenever she says her line it makes you want to cry. Also they did a good job because it is two people playing her Mia and emily Talerico. They keep emily a secret so that you would think that mia is really clever as she could do it all herself, but actually two people play charlie. There full names are mia kaitlyn talerico and emily sydney talerico.

Er... no?! Mia Talerico has no twin and why you came up with a middle name for her non existing twin is your secret - Organ

Mia as play Charlie Duncan is smart sweet funny curious and cute. She's young and she can do all of that. She is the cutest character in Good Luck Charlie. She is cute when she says oh oh. Did you know Mia is 4 years old? She pretends that her character doesn't like Toby. I hope she likes him in real life. Anyway that's why I like Charlie Duncan is the number 1 best character. Laugh out loud♥

Charlie is so funny and smart for a girl her age, she brings light to the show and is so cute. A lot of the Duncans use her to get out of situations, like Gabe for example. At the end of the episodes Charlie is always the one to appear like in Dance Off and the show where people think Teddy is a jinx.

I wish toby was here on the top 10 list! But I love charlie she is so cute!

6 PJ Duncan

I have no idea why his name isn't at the top because he is the funniest guy of all I mean no one can beat him

He is the funniest character, how could you not like his character.

How is not number 1 have funny sweet and a good brother although he's not very bright that's just be
Because Disney suspects that dumb= funny and each show needs a stupid character

Keep this a secret I like gabe Duncan.

7 Ivy Wentz

She is stylish she wears leopard and zebra print to church and I absolutly adore her she is so pretty and rocks the clock

She's so funny! - Organ

8 Bob Duncan

He is a bug killer I hate bugs

I think bob is really funny

Underrated! He's hilarious - Organ

9 Jo Keener

I posted this 2 years ago and it's gone from 26
To 15

Jo is sooo adorable! But I don't like her and gabe as a couple, sorry - Organ

She's so cute! and I love g hannelius so much - pjo


10 Skylar

She's pretty and funny? - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Estelle Dabney

I love Mrs. Dabney. She's so funny! Her and gabe make me laugh the most!

The relationship between her and gabe is awesome

12 Alice Wartheimer

She's so cute, but I feel kinda bad for her. Not because of her breathing but because she often get's treated badly - Organ

She's so cute >_< wanna hug her

13 Emmett Willams

Who? Isn’t it meet healing

He's awesome

14 Debbie Dooley

Who wants a snicker doodle? Laugh out loud she is so funny, love her voice

I love Debbie Dooley one because my name revolves around Debbie so everyone calls me Debbie Dooley

Laugh out loud her voice is amazing

I'm Debbie Dooley how you doing'? - funnyuser

15 Mary-Lou Wentz

Mary Lou Is So Cool! Her Best Friend Is Amy Duncan My Secind Favorite Character Next To Mary Lou Who Is My #! Favorite Character! Her Other Friends Are Teddy Duncan, Harry Wentz, and Ivy Wentz!
Mary Lou-"O.K. try To Stay With Me Now! Because We're Going To Get A Little Wild! Instead Of Knit One Pearl Two, We're Going To Kick It Up To Knit One Pearl The-ree! "
Teddy Says Sarcastically-"Is That Even Legal"?
Mary Lou Says Excitedly-"I Don't Know But I Just Like Living Dangerously! "
Teddy-"Okay, I'm Going To Go Get Something To Drink, Do You Want Anything! "
Mary Lou Says Fiercly and Wildy-"Oh Not Now I'm In The Zone! "
-Mary Lou Wentz, The Curious Case Of Mr. Dabney!

16 Toby Duncan

He was cute as a toddler, but as a baby he looked kinda artificial - Organ

He's cute when you was a really young baby


I hate toby. he is so ugly. why do people think he is cute?

17 Beau

I love him and think he is so nice to teddy and very cute

18 Jessie
19 Austin Moon Austin Moon Austin Monica Moon is one of the two protagonists of Austin & Ally. He is a singer and dancer who became an overnight internet sensation after he uploaded a video singing a song that he unintentionally stole from Ally Dawson. After apologizing to her and pleading for her to write him another song, Austin more.

It was Jessie/A&A crossover

New Year's Eve Concert

20 Tish Toochie
21 Victor Deleseur

I don't know why he isn't higher, he's always pretty funny.

The champ

22 Mel Duncan
23 Harry Wentz

The whole wentz family is awesome!

24 Mr. Dabney
25 Karen
26 Spencer Walsh

Spencer is Supper hot and cute like major.

Teddy's boy friend handsome and cute

I don't like him at all for cheating on Teddy. Poor girl,

I really don't like him - pjo

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27 Vonnie
28 Kelsey
29 Bob Diddlebock

He's to good to be shown on the show

30 Tish Tushie

Gabe duncan


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