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21 Ditch Day
22 Team Mom
23 Go Teddy!
24 Take Mel Out To The Ball Game

I like when Ivy is on the big screen and she says "Hi Mommy"

Mel is so funny. But not the best person at going to ball games

It is just fuunny... Like snow cones! I also liked it when Ivy is on the big screen and says 'Hi Mommy! ' That is very funny, Good Lck charlie is a very funny show!

25 Good Bye Charlie

Last episode ever charlie looks very cute older I love it it made me feel like a baby again x

It made me cry to see that my favorite show, cutie pie charlie, sweet tobby, naughty gabe, silly PJ, my favorite teddy and superd parents will no more be now in some new episode.. I cried at end of my favorite series.

26 Duncan vs. Duncan

Funniest episode of all time!

27 Dance Off V 1 Comment
28 Meet the Parents
29 Baby's First Vacation
30 Good Luck Jessie

It is called Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas.

This was pretty good.

31 Welcome Home
32 Guys & Dolls
33 Demolition Dabney
34 Gabe's 12 1/2 Birthday
35 Appy Days V 1 Comment
36 Teddy On Ice
37 Doppel Date
38 Monkey Business

Really funny and cute episode

39 Girl Bites Dog V 1 Comment
40 Charlie 4, Toby 1
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