Inspecting Long Lists #7 Rotten Tomatoes's 50 Worst Summer Movies of all time

htoutlaws2012 Its been a few months, but here we are again with another inspection of this time the most unpredictable Rotten Tomatoes with their taste of films that are all over the place. I'll even give you there rating next to it, and compare what I see if it seems totally wrong.

#50 Hot Pursuit: We start with one you easily kick off the list since it got a 7% which is ridiculous its just a comedy. I found it funny at times, and even 50 I'd take it out for a more recent movie if the list was updated.

#49 The Last Airbender: 6%, Easily one of the worst kids TV adaptions turned into films ever, and to be honest it deserves a 1% its that ungodly a bait switch I got suckered into this mess of a M. Night film.

#48 Gigli: Okay here comes all the 6%'s this one even on the cover looks absurdly terrible. Yet its Ben Affleck most of his films I either hate, or just realistically think suck hard. As for Jennifer Lopez what was the pint of being in this film?

#47 The Perfect Man: Back when Hillary Duff was at her full peak until this film came out everything seems to fall down for her career right after wards plus its one of those films that you will most likely not even care for.

#46 Paranolia: I would not put this one the list. Yeah its a more recent films of the decade, but I can't say its anywhere this atrocious I mean I agree with the audience that it is mediocre at best.

#45 Babylon A.D: Vin Diesel has had better roles this one clearly is not one of those. You could argue it is he's absolute worst film, but then there are others if they pop up at all later on the list.

#44 Mobsters: A film that tried to hard to be like godfather, but more less is targeted towards the teenage audience. This could had been way better just based off of the cast alone.

#43 Son of the Pink Panther: This is in no way a sequel in fact its terrible, and god awful compared to the other Pink Panther films.

#42 A Smile Like Yours: I have a better name A smile upside down literally the best way to describe how awful this film truly is.

#41 In The Army Now: Depending on who your are you really have no sense of liking for the film, or you have a sorta guilty pleasure to this film, and you argue it should be within the top 50.

#40 Solo: This looks predictably bland, and just arrogance in this poster.

#39 Kazaam: Oh man this is reminding me of a few things how awesome Shaq was early in his peak, and also this and Shaq fu were the worst type of advertising for the tall hall of fame athlete that goes without saying.

#38 Who's Your Caddy: For sure I would say this one if the worst Golf film of all time, nothing funny here its just lame, and forgettable.

#37 The Avengers (1998): 5% tier, No not the 2010 film which was excellent oh no this 1998 film was actually based on a TV show in the 90's, and that was forgettable at best this original avengers was just dull, boring, and painful to watch.

#36 Cocktail: The only thing I do know of this film is that it was made fun of by Amy Schumer, but I got nothing on this film.

#35 Universal Soldier the Return: When I vision Claude van Damme I picture him in the god awful Street Fighter film, I can't imagion this being any better.

#34 'Til There Was You: It had potential to be good, but the whole romantic comedy formula seems to die off when done in a 180 in the opposite of your favor.

#33 The Adventures of Pluto Nash: 4%, Not quite when Eddie Murphy at his downfall, but not that good of a film, and its one I would either have near the tail end, or have off with something else replaced. The screwy part about this one is shouldn't it be I don't know lower if everything around has a 5 percent?

#32 Supercross: A film that tried way too hard to look cool, and sadly it did not, all executions backfired, and a blunder that it is truly a disaster.

#31 Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie: The only anime film, and to be honest it should not be here at all I mean sure its not very good compared to the others, but top 50 worst?

#30 A Kid in King Arthur's Court: A lot of baseball films I don't really care for, but I do like very of those, this is not one of them. In fact I got bored the one day I put it on just to sleep, and sleeping was totally worth it that day.

#29 College: ''From the guys that brought you waiting'' Shouldn't it be from Van Wilder in that case... anyways its more lamer than Van Wilder, and Drake Bell fell off the face of his acting career once he left Drake & Josh at this point.

#28 Cool World: 4% tier, I just seen this film recently, and this was early Brad Pitt, and not in a good way i'll say that much.

#27 Serving Sara: Elizabeth Hurley was at her low when this film came out, and even with a good cast not enough power to save this films to be in anyways passable.

#26 Vampires Suck: How about this film sucks, its pretty much all the reason to hate of why twilight films are of low quality when you think of films like this that are more less stand alone, and just are not worth it.

#25 Wired: This is supposedly based around the late great John Belushi, and it does not do a good job with following his journey unlike many other true stories afterwards.

#24 Problem Child: How about a problem film that has a hard in what they want to identify what type of film it is.

#23 Caddyshack II: Very disappointing to a classic comedy film that everyone remembers and loves to this day, this is not worth revisiting whatsoever.

#22 Gone Fishin': Hey here's some interesting trivia viewers, but did you know that J.J Abrams that man responsible for Star Wars VII wrote this film? Hard to believe yes, but yeah I never would of guessed that even if the comedy duo of Pesci, and Glover was not very great.

#21 Material Girls: Hillary Duff again you say? Ironically the film that would overshadowed this trainwreck was The Devil Wears Prada which was a solid film in its own right, while this one did all that was wrong with the uninteresting generic story.

#20 Delta Farce: Larry the cable guy was pretty big in the 2000's, but in between his big success he also had a share of horrible films this was one of them. Not sure about top 20, but around 30's, and 40's would have seemed more accurate.

#19 Battlefield Earth: 3% tier, Here's one I have seen, and regret because John Travolta seems to have a mix of great, and terrible films this is to me his worst acting film. Even Forest Whitaker did not deserve to be in this film since he had a lot better roles after this.

#18 Speed 2 Cruise Control: I like Sandra Bullock a lot as an actress, but when the sequel like many others... yeah it was not that good.

#17 Bless the Child: The description alone qualifies for its high spot, and I actually believe it. '' an unstable young woman, gives birth to a girl named Cody.'' I know zero people in my life that are female named Cody which is a man's name.

#16 FeardDotCom: Must be one of the worst in its genre being horror, and with a title like this it must deserves the top 20 for sure.

#15 The Apparition: The cover does not look in anyway terrifying I'd say sure, but the other one to me looks worst based on title, and i'll stick with that.

#14 Zoom: I have never seen this, but it has the sky high vibes, and done the opposite way perhaps, but yeah it must not be that good.

#13 Deuces Wild: A forgettable generic film from the 2000's, and yet a big notable one was out all together, and not near 7% even?

#12 Getting Even with Dad: This was when Culkin's charm as a child actor began to run out as well as his life for that matter when he got older.

#11 Getaway: 2% tier, I have never seen this, but it has to be horrible if Selena Gomez is in it its almost guaranteed.

#10 The In Crowd: Speaking of legendary awful films from the 2000's how does the Room miss this list? Yet The In Crowd is not good at all with its generic style, and story it has with d list stars makes this one a curious gem for those who wanna know more I recommend you stay away from this, and go in the out of here crowd instead.

#9 The Master of Disguise: 1% tier, This is Dana Carvey at his most painful, as a master of impersonations reliving this wreck makes me go he could of had better main roles if it was not for this idea that pitifully unfunny

#8 Disaster Movie: I mean easily the title alone is easy to justify its high spot I'd say top 5 absolutely. The one actress I feel bad for them most is Carmen Electra for being in this film was her killer in any future roles.

#7 Daddy Day Camp: The sequel to Day care which was vastly superior to this one, but I would not put it this high, but I would still have it on the list just because it was a massive disappointment.

#6 Jaws the Revenge: (The last six films all received a zero) Definitely the worst Jaws film of the franchise top 10 you could argue, but I have others I find astonishingly horrifying terrible in every sense.

#5 Return to the Blue Lagoon: This was before Milla would become the actress for Laura Croft in the later Resident evil films which are not much better, but surpass this film by far that's a pretty dull and lifeless romantic film which does it feel like it for a summer film nevertheless?

#4 Staying Alive: No not the great Bees Gees song, a forgettable John Travolta film that ended up being one of his worst works in history. For something that was suppose to be equally as good as Saturday Night Fever this did absolutely none of those things.

#3 Wagons East: For John Candy this was when he start for his short lived decline in acting was when this film came out it was a cruel disappointing joke. A comedy with the wild west is usually a good match up, but here that is not the case one bit. Is it top 5 worthy however...

#2 Mac and Me: This is pretty much a clear ripoff of Spielberg's classic E.T I mean the poster tells you all you need to know.

#1 Superbabies Baby Geniuses 2: For any reason was it a good idea to have a sequel if the first one was already an atrocity to begin with. Top 5 sure, but I have other personal picks that I feel got snubbed that did not have anywhere rated as low as a 7.

The list is not entirely terrible, but when I looked other films that missed the list such as the Room being the biggest omission i'm like how? If were talking bad superhero flicks where is Catwoman that was painful to watch or you know what was more surprising is how did Batman & Robin get no where in the top 50 is a complete mystery to me. Oh how can I not mention Howard the Duck Might I also add. There was a ton of sequels in this list, and some of those could of been reduced with what I would personally put in... again its based on their exact ratings that were mostly in order minus the one that might as well of been excluded from the list since it seemed out of place. Until the next list inspection i'm the outlaws signing off.


Baby geniuses was the 2nd worst movie of all time - visitor