Top 10 Good Movies with Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores


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221 The True Memoirs of an International
222 The Road to El Dorado
223 Final Destination 2
224 A Dog's Purpose
225 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
226 Kindergarten Cop
227 Shrek the Third

This Is An Alright MEHISH Movie
RT Score: 41%
My Score: 58% - VideoGamefan5



Just kidding, you weren't great. - mattstat716

228 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
229 10 Things I Hate About You
230 The Accountant
231 Rings
232 Rio
233 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
234 The Possession
235 Hannah Montana the Movie
236 Sucker Punch
237 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Deserves less, worst super hero movie of all time, everything about and related to this movie sucks - Ale9991

This Movie Deserved to Have 52% - VideoGamefan5

Score: 52%
Ok. So it's nowhere near as good as the first two Spider-Man movies, but I still think it's better than Spider-Man 3. At least this movie doesn't have an emo version of Peter. The action in this movie is pretty impressive. I also found Jamie Foxx as Electro to be pretty intimidating. Sometimes I feel like critics are too hard on this movie. Although I will admit that the subplots are weak, Gwen Stacy didn't have much relevance, and there were too many coincidences. It's hard to say that it's a terrible film. There are things to not like about it but there are also some pretty awesome things in this movie as well. - MegaSoulhero

NO, IT'S 53%.

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238 Diary of a Wimpy Kid
239 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
240 The Last Airbender

Kill it with fire, then throw it to the ocean for the Sharks to eat them. This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

The animated series was better, but I didn't think this movie was THAT bad.

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