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21 Saw

The only good movie of the entire franchise, and has a low score, what? - Ale9991

Score: 48%
I remember when I "saw" this movie. Lol. Do I even need to explain why the critics are wrong on this one? It's saw! One of the best horror movies ever! It's well acted, well scripted, and absolutely horrifying! This movie just keeps you guessing who the killer is. To this day, I still see Jigsaw in my nightmares! If there was any horror movie worth watching, it would be Saw! And maybe Conjuring 2. - MegaSoulhero

When I was 7, I watched Saw with my dad, and I had nightmares for 2 weeks. - Catacorn

I don't find SAW to be super scary but it's brutal as hell. If you want something scarier I would say Insidious - AlphaQ

I love this movie. - PanteraForever

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22 Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Decent PG Comedy, 65% - VideoGamefan5

Score: 33%
Like Hangover 2 it is great. It's more for kids and Hangover 2 is more for adults but this is a must see for sure
My score: 63% - AlphaQ

The Hangover 2 is more for adults? No person under 17 should see that (I haven't watched it but I know how bad it is) - TopTenListmaker

23 Grown Ups

Only 10%?! Too harsh. Deserves at least a 5/10 for a minimum. I actually liked this and one of Sandy boy's better films. 6.5/10 - AlphaQ

24 Power Rangers (2017)

Oh yes, this is an amazing film right here, great characters, story, cinematography and action. Shame it was a box office disappointment and we might not get a sequel, unless the toy sales and DVD/Blu-Ray sales are excellent. - SailorSedna

Definitely! - VideoGamefan5

25 Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
26 Friday the 13th
27 Grown Ups 2

No, it deserved lower than what the critics gave it. Jokes weren't funny, the plot was typical, and those 3 black people with the balding cut that said "what" were incredibly annoying. - MKBeast

peasants - Ale9991

28 Top Gun
29 Girl, Interrupted
30 Transformers: Dark of the Moon V 1 Comment
31 Barnyard

Nah, it deserved it.

32 Jason Bourne

When I first looked when it was released, it was 56% ROTTEN... That's worse than Battlefield Earth, the LOWEST RATED on the site!

33 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
34 Armageddon

It did seem like an okay film for Michael Bay. 7.4/10 - naFrovivuS

35 Pete's Dragon

This deserves better ratings, this was good. - SailorSedna

36 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
37 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Rotten Tomatoes critics are idiotic. This film is what made Jim Carrey's career and its story and cast are awesome! Plus Cannibal Corpse got great exposure from this movie. Hands down, this movie is one of the best comedys of all time.

This movie is awesome 8/10 - AlphaQ

Score: 45% - phillysports

38 Miss Congeniality

I don't understand it. At all. This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time, all the jokes are spot on. And the characters are great too.

39 Blow (2001)
40 X Men: Apocalypse

It's Score Should Have Been A Pretty Good 75%

I really liked the movie - iamBATMAN

Score: 47%
Should be higher than that cause it was great

Score: 48%

Whaaa? , Deserves At Least A Fresh Score!, How Did This Get The Same Score As Twilight! - VideoGamefan5

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