Top 10 Good Movies with Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores


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61 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
62 Ted 2
63 The Boondock Saints
64 The Lost World - Jurassic Park
65 Oliver & Company

This is such a cute movie. You can't go wrong with Disney.

Disney1994 will go apesh- when he sees the percentage for this movie. - KennyRulz244444

66 The Fox and the Hound

I Want To Like This Movie, But Disney1994 Ruined This Movie For Me - VideoGamefan5

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67 Die Hard with a Vengeance

Only a 51%! What were the critics smoking? Seriously, if it weren't for the rushed and anti-climatic ending, this movie would have been better than the first one.

This movie was the one that got me into the Die Hard franchise. I believe it is a quality action movie.

68 Terminator: Genisys

This is my biggest guilty pleasure. It was pretty enjoyable and interesting to be honest.
RT Score: 25%
My Score: 75% - AlphaQ

69 Home (2015)

I know everyone hated this movie, but I thought it was cute and adventurous! - LarkwingFlight

I love this movie. Critics just don't understand!

This was a good film though? - mattstat716

I just don't like the soundtrack

70 The Hudsucker Proxy
71 Pokemon the First Movie
72 The Black Cauldron
73 Gordy

I'm guessing Disney1994 added this.

This movie deserved the bad ratings. - KennyRulz244444

74 Chicken Little

Chicken little is pretty bad actually

75 Bee Movie

:insert meme here:

76 The Lorax

I Have The Right To My Opinion

LET IT GROW - VideoGamefan5

Nah it's crap

77 Ratchet & Clank

Deserves anything over 30%

But these idiot gave me a 15%

I agree. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't as bad as they said.

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78 Shrek Forever After
79 Pixels

This was atrocious

I Liked This Movie.

80 The Hangover 2

Score: 33%
I honestly don't know why the score was so low on this one. This is basically Part 2 of my favorite trilogy and it's as good as the 1st one. I really enjoyed this film a lot and it's really hilarious
My score: 83% - AlphaQ

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