Top 10 Good Movies with Bad Rotten Tomatoes Scores


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121 Battlefield Earth

If You Think This Is Good, Get A Brain Manager Please - VideoGamefan5

It's not a good movie. It was bad, really bad.

122 Shark Tale

It Was Decent - JPK

123 Speed Racer
124 Not Cool
125 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This is wonderful but too bad not much of the critics gave it an apple - Neonco31

This Movie is so underrated, Its amazing, and it's by DISNEY
You can't go wrong with disney

126 Equilibrium
127 The Life of David Gale
128 Law Abiding Citizen

This is an amazing movie. Gerard Butler's character in this film is well-written and well-acted. When his plan of revenge is exacted with such precision its enthralling and amazing. It is psychologically entangling. Great movie!

129 I Am Sam
130 Wicker Park
131 Seven Pounds
132 August Rush
133 Willow
134 Tommy Boy
135 Out of Africa
136 Weird Science
137 The Fountain
138 Dredd V 2 Comments
139 Dragonball: Evolution

This movie DESVERSES to be hated - ikerevievs

Deserves Its Hate - JPK

WHAT? This Movie SUCKS. - VideoGamefan5

140 Straight Outta Compton

Uh, it has a 87 percent.

87%=Good Score - JPK

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