Top Ten Good Movies With Bad Sequels

This list compiles the strongest cases of good, quality movies that get disgraced with bad sequels.

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1 The Matrix

The first one was so good then they just ruined it with the sequels

I thought the sequel was good and the ending was good just unsatisfying - rubymac

The sequels are just overrated. - BoltMarksman

I hated the second film. - BoltMarksman

2 Jaws

Why is The Dark Knight on this list? Every single movie in that trilogy is amazing.

The second was ok, the third was bad. And I REFUSE to comment on the fourth one. - Mumbizz01

Steven Spielberg did an amazing job on this classic but did a squeal that was O.K and then gave us the third one which was just trash, then he gave us jaws : the revenge which was trash dumped on Justin beiber! I hope Steven doesn't give us another one... Because if he does... ILL BURN DOWN THE MOVIE THEATERS!

Terrible sequels

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3 Basic Instinct

The first was a tense, erotic thriller, which kept you guessing right to the end. Did she? Didn't she? Will the main actors really raise rugrats? Brilliant twists and turns; a real rollercoaster ride of a film. One to watch again and again, even though you know the ending.
The sequel? I don't know if it was any good because I fell asleep! - Britgirl

4 Home Alone

1. Masterpiece
2. Masterpiece
3. Pretty Good
4. It's... okay?

1: Amazing
2: Amazing
3: Pretty Good
4: Okay... I guess
5: I want to throw this computer out the window

1: Decent
2: Outstanding
3: Mediocre
4: Abysmal
5: Abysmal - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Home alone 2 was, in my opinion, even better than the first one in some ways, but 3-5 (yes, there's a FIVE now) are horrendous.

5 Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber To was just annoying and stupid.

I loved the first and second film. Hated the prequel.

The prequel was terrible because they had different actors, but I'm sure that Dumb and Dumber To will be great coming 2014. - irishheiler

The prequel was terrible but Dumb & Dumber To was pretty good. - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

6 The Mask

Plus, it was made by Warner Brothers, so NEW LINE CINEMA RUINED THE FRANCHISE! - ZootopiaFan

7 Speed

This is a fantastic movie and the sequel makes The Matrix Revolution look like The Godfather, Speed 2 is the worst film I have seen - idontknow

They went from a high speed adrenaline rush movie in a high speed bus to a slow moving cruise ship.

What kind of movie goes from a high-speed bad ass movie from a lame, run-of-the-mill sequel that feels more for children?!

8 The Blues Brothers

Blues brothers 2000 is that sequel that wasn't really a good idea, nobody wanted, and was completely unnecessary with only half the blues brothers.

Blues brothers 2000 is one if the most phoned in, unnecessary sequel of all time.

Never needed a sequel. This movie was good itself. - Tacocheese

9 Divergent

I don't think I added this one to the list. I'm pretty sure the first movie was crap, too. - BKAllmighty

Bad in general I couldn't finish the first movie

10 A Nightmare On Elm Street

Dream warriors was the best because of Dokken

The Contenders

11 Ice Age

The original is one of my favorite movies but the sequels? No. Just no. - RiverClanRocks

Oh yeah! This movie does have some really BAD sequels!

I swear, these Ice Age is catching up to Final Fantasy in how many sequels they have. But unlike FF, their products are not always amazing. In fact, they stopped being good at around the 2nd sequel.

I liked it up to dawn of the dinosaurs

12 Alpha & Omega
13 Open Season

1st movie: 7/10
2nd movie: 5/10
3rd and 4th movie: 2/10 - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

14 Caddyshack

Caddyshack 2 SUCKED!

15 Hoodwinked
16 Cars

As a child, I LOVED cars. I remember watching it over and over again. So I expected more from cars 2, and I was disappointed. Cars 3 better be good.

Yes, Cars 2 sucked but the first Cars was really amazing. The third Cars is really good as well: - FJS19

Even Michael Bay's movies are better than this boring movie. - Mumbizz01

1 was 'meh'. It was the first Pixar release not to get universally-positive reviews from critics and audiences. The ONLY reason it got sequels was because it sold a butt-load of merch. - BKAllmighty

17 Cocoon
18 Beauty and the Beast
19 The Lion King

The 2nd one was good, in fact, it's one of those good Disney sequels. Now, if you're talking about The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, then yeah, that's the one that sucks.

I'm surprise it's not in this list given how terrible The Lion Guard was. - Goku02

20 Iron Man

The third is good but second is suck - Thirdwind

I felt Iron Man 3 was worse.

IronMan franchise went downhill after this film

21 The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a squeal, doesn't anyone on here know that? - Mumbizz01

Dark Knight Is A Sequel - BeatlesFan1964

The Dark Knight IS the sequel, and the drk knight rises was very good (even if it was a little dissapointing) - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

22 Jurassic Park

Although this is a great movie, the sequels are in no way as terrible as people say they are.

23 Shrek

1: great
2: the best
3: meh
4: forgettable

The revival better be a return to form! - ReturnOfScorpio

Should've stayed as a sequel or trilogy.

I liked the first 2, but I wasn’t a fan of 3 and 4. - 3DG20

Love shreck SUCK IT

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24 Friday the 13th
25 Transformers

The third film was the only good sequel.

Actually the third installment in this film series is the best one - Thirdwind

It's too bad the sequels ruined it's reputation.

The first was good. The sequels were disappointing.

26 The Neverending Story

2 be noob xtreme
o ma gawd help mwa

This is an AWESOME movie(10/10), but...
The Neverending Story II: Decent(4/10)
The Neverending Story III: DISGRACEFUL movie(0/10) - robertoiglesias271

27 Halloween

The first is great and one of the best movies of all time, the second film of the franchise is great again one of the best horrors movies sequels ever made, but the others doesn't needed to exist.

For me The Halloween Franchise ended in the second film from 1981*.

28 Insidious

The first movie wasn't even that great, it didn't deserve 2 sequels.

29 Final Destination

FD 3 was better than this one - robertoiglesias271

30 Star Wars

Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi= Timeless Classics.
Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clone= Huge mistakes of George Lucas's behalf
Revenge of the Sith= Meh

The 1970-80 trilogy was mindbending.

The Prequels...ugh... - BoltMarksman

31 Sherlock Homes
32 Ghostbusters

Apparently a real Ghostbusters 3 is coming soon! - ReturnOfScorpio

First two films are classics. The reboot is an insult to the first two films.

The original was awesome. - mmarce445

33 Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph Breaks the Internet was nothing but shameless self-promotion and virtue signaling. With the Princesses and characters from the original Ralph movie thrown in just for marketing.

Congratulations! You just followed The Emoji Movie bandwagon and you started the Fortnite referencing bandwagon with every animated or action movie having Fortnite dances or gameplay footage/images which in this case it had both.

34 Rio

The second movie is not terrible per say it is simply weaker than the original it is not extremely good but it is not extremely bad either. (I think it simply a decent movie overall) The director was at least trying unlike with some sequels like that piece of crap know as Ralph Breaks The Internet. - Mario8

In My Opinion The Second One Was Just Okay, Nothing Special
I Will Respect The People Who Don't Like Rio 2's Opinions

Number 1 was really AMAZING but No 2 was really dumb.

In my opinion, the first one was good but I didn’t even bother with the second one. - 3DG20

35 Happy Feet
36 The Terminator

It gets so good watching the first two. Then it all just goes blah. - BoltMarksman

37 The Exorcist
38 Finding Nemo

Why is this here? - BoltMarksman

Finding Dory Was Great

Finding Dory Was Great

This Should Be Higher - VideoGamefan5

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39 X2
40 The Mummy
41 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Woah woah woah! What!? Sure, Temple of Doom is kinda mixed (Although it's my favorite Indy movie), but you can't diss Last Crusade! If anything Last Crusade is considered the BEST Indiana Jones movie!

And I still think Crystal Skull was fine! - higgsboson2142

42 The Ring

Oh God the deer scene. - MoldySock

43 Cinderella

The sequels were just unnecessary. - 3DG20

44 Charlotte's Web
45 The Fox and the Hound
46 Superman

Superman:a timeless classic
Superman 2: anthoner timeless classic although comes with it flaws
Superman 3: I couldn't make it after the beginning, it was so bad
Superman 4: the worst movie I even seen, hate it
Superman return: One word to describe it: BORING!

47 The Brave Little Toaster

I thought the sequels were OK, but if you don't like them that's OK too. - Hanjax70

The sequels were, without a doubt, awful.

48 Saw

Saw II was one of the best (if not THE best) Saw movie. I love the whole series personally - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

I love Saw - Saw lll but saw lv sucks A##

49 Titanic II

Not even made the same

50 Aladdin
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