Top 10 Good Qualities of an Introvert

Do you know why are many of the doctors, scientists or psychiatrists introverts?
Check the list out and know our qualities.

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1 Ability to Think

Us Introverts think, think and think so much.. Even we forget our surroundings while thinking. Such power is a god's gift to us. - dhruvchauhan1333

I am the most introverted person on this Earth, and this is all I ever do. My thousands of hours of thinking pay a huge contribution to who I am now. (Whether you like me or not.) - RockFashionista

Stop acting like Extroverts can't be genius. Extraversion and Introversion have nothing to do with Intelligence.

Yes, us introverts think before we speak all the time & only speak when it is absolutely necessary. Those extroverts seriously shout out everything that comes into their mind. It is so annoying -.-.

2 Determination

When we like something, we do anything and everything we can to achieve that. None can stop us from getting it, if the desire is powerful though. - dhruvchauhan1333

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3 Mysteriousness

It had to be in top but once revealed, it is hard to have it again. - dhruvchauhan1333

I like not revealing too much about myself... - Britgirl

I am one of the only users on this site who still hasn't revealed my first name. - RockFashionista

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4 Tolerance

We can tolerate even the mightiest of words but go beyond the limit and you will be dead, even Sir Isaac Newton did beat the bully in his time. - dhruvchauhan1333

5 Trustworthiness

A secret told to us will be locked inside us forever, if it's meaningful though. - dhruvchauhan1333

6 Humility

We are the modest species of the three personalities. (Ambivert, Extrovert, Introvert) - dhruvchauhan1333

7 Independence

We think different, do different, look different and we see different. - dhruvchauhan1333

But at times "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" - Billyv

8 Different Age of Our Brain

Whenever you meet an introvert, you should notice that he/she will not be acting the age he/she should, But rather different. - dhruvchauhan1333

So are you saying I have the mental age of a 3 year old or a 23 year old? - RockFashionista

Me 12 year old but I think theories about my family or who I am I am like smarter than matpat!

9 Calmness

I'm introvert, and I think I'm silent person. - Delgia2k

I am rather calm and collected; I have a passion for dark things. - RockFashionista

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10 Control-Fullness

You think it is you who controls yourself? If you're not an introvert, you can be controlled by an introvert. - dhruvchauhan1333

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11 Intelligence
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