Top Ten Good Reasons to Resent School, Teachers, Principals, and Bullies


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1 They waste 50% of your fun time

Luckily I had fun in high school even though I had a mean teacher. I tried to make the most of it and not let her ruin my school life

2 There's literally nothing good about school

3DG20 Students go to school to be educated.

Except for the fact that it helps you become smart and educated..

3 Some teachers are boring some are not

Boring teachers can make a student fall asleep in class.

4 Algebra is frustrating

Statistics is even harder

5 Some principals are mean, some are not

I agree with this.

6 The bullies try to make you commit suicide

I'm very sorry that happened to your friends and your friend's parent.

My friend had a hard life for a while she was depressed after her parents died and no one would be friends
With her because she was so sad
One day she came to me and said I'm going to jump in front of a bus please don't stop me if I live I'll never stop trying to die but make sure the bully knows it was his fault and never let him forget it I decided that maybe it was better that way she couldn't bring herself to do it but the next day she overdosed and died in class it made me sick that the people who had ignored her and never been her friends were acting as if she was there sister but I knew the bully's guilt drove him crazy

Sadly suicides actually do occur due to bullying :(

7 The bullies in school try their best to make you feel down

That's putdowns.

8 Most school lunches are nasty
9 Peer pressure
10 The principal calls you to the office

Principal: Kelly Bulanek all I wanted to
Say Is that you are not in trouble we need to just have a long talk! Me:what for? Him: for this/that (whatever the incident was! ) that was not okay just a stern warning/slight tongue lashing! Me: a school blahumbug

Sometimes they call students for a good reason. At my high school, a few times during the school year, students getting a good gpa or high academic performance goes to the office where they get a reward such as a small bag of cookies or a new mini flashlight.

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11 It’s required and if you don’t go, you parents will get arrested

Well... Maybe it might be true! I don't know.

That's not true.

yes it is

12 The school staff bullies you, not just other kids

This is TRUE!

13 90% of the stuff that you learn in school will be useless in real life

I agree with that statement.

Since when do I have to ANALYZE POEMS in order to apply for a job in MULTIMEDIA? >:(

14 Asians are constantly stressed over it

Everyone is!

15 They make your life miserable

All the special ed teachers in my high school made me suffer. THEY SHOULD ALL BURN IN HELL! >:(

16 They make you cry
17 The school grades
18 School bus rides can be pure torture

Mean bus drivers, bullies, puking kids, and the smell. Need I say more?

19 Gym class
20 Special ed teaches kindergarten stuff

I was in special ed in high school. The math is WAY too easy, and the hardest math that the class ever did was like what's 12x12

21 Time limit to eat lunch
22 School meals are not healthy

A sample "healthy" breakfast is chocolate milk, which has 19 GRAMS OF SUGAR in a carton, cinnamon bun, which is about 20 grams, and fruit juice, which is about 15-16 grams in a small cup. THAT'S 50 GRAMS OF SUGAR FROM BREAKFAST ALONE! Even AN ADULT shouldn't be having 1/4 of that amount IN A SINGLE DAY.

23 Germs are everywhere

Duh! Off course germs are everywhere. But money and your phones have germs a lot worser that the toilet seat. But a toilet seat can still have germs.

24 The building is freezing cold all year round
25 It can give you PTSD

I'm now 26 and I STILL remember all the mean stuff that my high school special ed teacher did to me like it all happened yesterday.

26 All work and very little play

More like lower salaries.

27 Teachers and staff demand respect, but they can do whatever they want to you and get away with it
28 Your freedoms are taken away

I wasn’t allowed to cry when the teachers were being mean to me, bathroom breaks are banned, and I got in trouble for saying the words “horse” and “Disney” in front of my high school special ed teacher!

29 You spend a lot of your childhood there
30 Time flies by too fast

Starting from age 5, you go to school all day, then go home and do homework. Then you know it, it’s time for bed and the process repeats all over again for the next 12 years or so, and before you know it, you’re now an adult!

31 It’s unpaid child labor

Kids work hard at school, and what do they get in return? NOTHING!

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