Top 10 Good Songs Always Submitted to Worst Lists by Trolls

Warning, if you make a worst songs list a troll might add these great songs to that list.

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21 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

False this is garbage - christangrant

22 #selfie - The Chainsmokers

No this sucks - christangrant

23 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

False this is terrible - christangrant

24 7 Years - Lukas Graham

This is absolute garbage. It's overplayed, retarded and ANNOYING. -1/5. - AlphaQ

Nope this sucks - christangrant

25 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

False this is a horrible song - christangrant

Nope, this song sucks - VideoGamefan5

26 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis

Nope its not good - christangrant

Nope, we hate it because It has no meaning - VideoGamefan5

27 Fancy - Iggy Azalea

The troll who adds these songs isn't fancy that's for sure - christangrant

28 Team - Iggy Azalea

Nope this sucks - christangrant

29 Stimulated - Tyga


30 Birthday Cake - Rihanna

HELL NO! This is Rihanna's worst song BY FAR. -1/5. - AlphaQ

no - christangrant

31 Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

The troll works from home oh wait he doesn't work he just sits on his fat ass and adds these songs to this list - christangrant

32 All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor

This sucks - christangrant

33 Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor

Nope - christangrant

34 Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

I find it funny the "troll"likes this song yet hates Under Pressure yet they both use the same bassline - christangrant

35 Fack - Eminem

FACK off - christangrant

This might be the worst song of all time. SERIOUSLY TROLLS. THIS SONG IS RETARDED. -infinity/5. - AlphaQ

36 Hotline Bling - Drake

No - christangrant

37 B**** I'm Madonna - Madonna
38 Crank that (Souljah Boy) - Soulja Boy Tell 'em

No - christangrant

39 Shots - LMFAO

New Game

Take a Shot every time a list gets ruined by trolls - christangrant

40 Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall

No - christangrant

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