Top 10 Good Songs from Bad Albums

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1 Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback

Best Nickelback Song They Really Did Well On This Song - christangrant

2 It's My Life - Bon Jovi

I can't say it's a bad album since I haven't heard it but I do agree that this is a good song. The chorus really fires me up. - Britgirl

3 Trilogy Suite Op:5 - Yngwie

The other songs on this album aren’t good only from metal viewpoint - they are too poppy. Other than that, songs aren't bad and Mark Boals is really an amazing singer (Liar, You Don't Remember I'll Never Forget).

But the metal instrumental “Trilogy Suite Op:5” is great. - Metal_Treasure

4 Until It Sleeps - Metallica

From Load, 1996. - Metal_Treasure

5 Fuel - Metallica
6 Under Pressure - Queen

Should be #1. Everybody hates Hot Space but damn this song is probably in anyone's top 10 Queen songs. I love it. - JoLeKosovo

From Hot Space

7 Cathedral Spires - Judas Priest

From Jugulator, with Tim 'Ripper' Owens - Metal_Treasure

8 Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
9 Tell Me - Usher
10 Trust - Megadeth

The Contenders

11 Genius - R. Kelly

Imagine how high hopes were when this was first released as a single, and then being so let down after hearing the rest of the album and having to endure such cancerous songs like Cookie and Show Ya P***y. - DaWyteNight

12 Bleeding Me - Metallica

From Load, 1996 - Metal_Treasure

13 Friends - PNB Rock

When the first song on your album is the best, and each song afterwards gets progressively worse. - DaWyteNight

14 Get Out of Here with Me - R. Kelly

Yes, great song from a terrible album. - DaWyteNight

15 Headless Cross - Black Sabbath

This is a listenable album, but I absolutely love this song - ryanrimmel

With Tony Martin. - Metal_Treasure

16 Love on the Brain - Rihanna
17 Inside Out - Anthrax
18 Say You Will - Foreigner
19 Screaming from the Sky - Slayer
20 Back to Sleep - Chris Brown
21 A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

Worst song on the album though

22 St. Anger - Metallica
23 That's My Shhh - Jason Derulo
24 Ricky - Denzel Curry
25 Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj

This album is worse than the Pinkprint because the latter had Grand Piano, Pills N Potions, etc. AAAHH YOU WIN PUBLICK L! - AlphaQ

26 Crush - Anthrax
27 Second Chance (Don't Back Down) - T-Pain
28 Seven - Gamma Ray
29 Beautiful - Eminem

Great song. Relapse is Eminem's worst album. Mediocre album but it goes on the bottom when it comes to albums by Shady. - AlphaQ

Really pleasant song

30 Fueled - Anthrax
31 Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Living Things was probably Linkin Parks Weakest album but this song is amazing - christangrant

32 The Unnamed Feeling - Metallica
33 Mirror - Lil Wayne
34 Do 4 Love - Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger was never a good artist sadly, even back when he first started and actually made r&b music, but this is a really good song and makes you wonder how good of an artist Eric could actually be if he always made songs like this. This song (and Circle of Love) raise him from a painfully generic and awful r&b artist to a halfway decent artist. But it's a damn shame he doesn't have many songs this good and the album this was on (the Rebirth) contains many bad and mediocre r&b songs that nobody over the age of 17 with an IQ higher than 75 should really be listening to and enjoying. - DaWyteNight

35 We Were Just Kids - Emmure

Awful band and awful album, but this song is actually listenable, even if is pretty similar to BMTH's Blessed With a Curse - Pato_cargo

36 Castle - Eminem
37 Mockingbird - Encore
38 Kill the DJ - Green Day
39 No Type - Rae Sremmurd

This has got to be the best song from SremmLife. Wait...I think Safe Sex Pay Checks could be better...meh.

This beat is actually kinda sick though Safe Sex Pay Checks has the best beat. No Type also has alright lyrics.

I'll come back if I can decide with No Type or Safe Sex Pay Checks. - AlphaQ

40 When the Tigers Broke Free - Pink Floyd

I don't think Pink Floyd ever made a bad album but this is definitely their worst. - BrianScott01

41 Fire in the Hole - Van Halen
42 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

Good song - 445956

43 Twinkle Song - Miley Cyrus


44 Stray Heart - Green Day
45 Romeos - Alphaville
46 Always - Erasure
47 Already in Love - Tank
48 Dance in the Rain - Megadeth
49 One More Light - Linkin Park
50 Haunt You Every Day - Weezer
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