Top 10 Good Things Lincoln Loud Has Done on The Loud House

A long time ago I made a list of the worst things that Lincoln Loud has done on The Loud House, depsite a lot of bad things he's done he still manages to always do the right thing in the end and is willing to help out others in tough situations mainly his sisters for this list we will be counting down the top times Lincoln made up for his mistakes and did something nice for the benefit of others.
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1 Got His Family and the McBride's to Cheer Up Mr. Grouse and Spend Christmas Eve with Him - 11 Louds a Leapin

After learning how Mr. Grouse has been unable to visit his very large family which has caused him to feel lonely on Christmas Lincoln convinces his family as as well as the McBride's to cheer up Mr. Grouse while spending Christmas Eve with him so he won't be so lonely while also buying him a bus ticket so he can visit his family

2 Prevented the Miller Family from Destroying All the Cherries in Michigan - Family Bonding

From the season 5 episode Family Bonding Lincoln and Clyde suspect that his new neighbors the Millers might be spies who work for an organization known as S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E. and of course his family doesn't believe them and later while Lincoln sneaks inside the Miller household during a barbeque Lola finds out what he and Clyde are doing and call everyone to the Miller's home when they confront Lincoln and he explains how the Miller's are spies and trying to destroy all the cherries in Michigan the Millers explain that their work for the weather services and the device he saw monitors storm systems moving into Royal Woods as their leaving Lincoln tosses his walkie talkie that his one of the buttons that reveals a secret room and in a bizarre twist Lincoln and Clyde were right about the Millers being spies who just happen to work for S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E. and nearly succeeded in destroying the cherry supply in Michigan until Lincoln manages to shut down their machine in time though the Miller ...more

I really didn't think that was real.

3 Gave Up Going to Chandler's Party and Taking Lori's Place So That She Could Go to the Dance - The Waiting Game

Obviously Lincoln didn't know he was jeopardizing Lori's job when he kept getting her to give him free stuff so that he can bribe Chandler into inviting him and Clyde to his birthday part and when he sees that his actions result in Lori having to work to pay back for all the stuff she gave him and miss the dance she was looking for Lincoln feels really bad for what he put Lori through that he somehow manages to convince Lori's boss to let him take Lori's place and work at Gus's Games and Grub so that Lori can go to the dance with Bobby and Lori is incredibly grateful for helping her out while Lincoln apologizes for using her like Chandler used him.

My favorite Lincoln and Lori moment.

4 Took The Fall for Clogging the Toilet to Protect Lucy - Sleuth or Consequences

After learning that it was Lucy who clogged the toilet with her Princess Pony book and knowing full well that the sisters will likely mock her for the rest of her life if they find out which leas to Lincoln to claim that the book was his and that he clogged the toilet as the sisters plan to mock him for life over it as he also takes the grounding and miss the convention all to keep Lucy out of trouble and prevent her from being a laughing stock by the sisters.

why would anybody flush a book? that's just stupid.

5 Apologized to His Sisters and Inviting to Take Them One Last Limo Ride to The Burpin' BurgerĀ  - Out on a Limo

Even though Tetherby was the one who corrupted Lincoln causing him to act like a spoiled brat and break his promise to his sisters to take them to the Burpin Burger Lincoln still takes responsibility for his awful actions and the next day he manages to apologize to Kirby the limo driver and convince him to let him and his sisters have one more ride to tale them to the Burpin Burger like he originally promised and the sisters accept his apology.

6 He and Clyde Helping Prove Leni's Innocence to Ms. Carmichael and Getting Her Job Back - Fashion Victim

After Leni is unfairly fired from her job over some missing scarfs Lincoln and Clyde as Ace Savy and One-Eyed Jack attempt to prove Leni's innocence and after several missteps they find out that it was Ms. Carmichael's son who was taking the scarfs into the back room and using them as capes therefore getting Leni her job back as Ms. Carmichael apologizes to Leni/

7 Helped Teach Lola to Read - Read Aloud

Even though Lola can be hard to deal with at times after learning the real reason why she refuses to take part in the family reading contest because she had trouble reading Lincoln offers to teach her to read a whole book even if it meant it would cost the family the contest and not only does he help Lola to read but he also tried to take the blame after the family gets angry at them for costing them the contest and the pizza party until Lola confesses that Lincoln was helping her to read since she had trouble with it.

8 Got Lynn and Lucy to Make Up - Space Invader

After Lynn and Lisa get into a fight which leads to Lynn moving in with Lincoln and making him miserable and upon seeing that they both really miss being roommates together but are too prideful to admit it Lincoln sets up a dinner in their room in order for them to make up and while it took a awhile Lincoln finally manages to get them to make up and was even nice enough to let them stay in his room for the night after they make a huge mess in their room.

9 Helped His Sisters Learn How to Get Money From Mom and Dad - Yes Man

Even though he didn't have to he still helped out his sisters teaching them to use their strengths in order to get money from mom and dad though it later resulted in him being unable to get money from them to buy a ticket to a private SMOOCH concert due to them giving it all away to his sisters.

10 Did Favors for His Sisters While At Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds - In Tents Debate

After Lincoln is unable to decide where the family should go for their trip seeing as half of the sisters want to go to Aloha Beach and the other half want to go to Dairyland amusement park and after things spiral out of control as the sisters do favors for him to get his vote then later tried to sabotage the other team by torturing Lincoln so he'll vote for their side realizing that their no way to make either side happy Lincoln convinces his parents for them to go to Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds where they originally were going to go and at first the sisters are unhappy but change their mind when Lincoln willingly acts as their servant throughout the trip helping them enjoy their trip and even though Lincoln isn't having a good time he states as long as his sisters are happy then his fine with it.

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11 Helping Lucy Get Together with Rocky - Back in Black
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