Good Ultimate Attacks in Xenoverse

I have been playing Xenoverse for 11 months, and I have a ton of attacks. Here are my list off good attacks in Xenoverse. Not in order of best to worst.

The Top Ten

1 Perfect Kamehameha

You learn this from cell. It has a slow-ish attack time but does a massive amount of damage. - Brooksthebrook

2 Final Flash

You learn this from vegeta. It has a fast attack time and does a good amount of damage. - Brooksthebrook

3 Super Kamehameha

You learn this from Goku. It does good damage. Its slower than final flash, but faster then perfect kamehameha. - Brooksthebrook

4 Vacation Delight

Bought from shop. It doesn't do much damage, but it fires pretty fast, has a huge AoE and stuns your opponent for around 3 seconds. Good for spamming - Brooksthebrook

5 Sphere of Destruction

Learned from Beerus. It doesn't take long to charge and does good damage, - Brooksthebrook

6 Final Shine Attack

Can be bought in shop after buying GT dlc. This does not do tonnes of damage if you only have 3 ki. Its quick to charge. The more ki your have you can hold the attack button down to make the attack last longer. If you have a lot of ki you can do devastating amounts of damage. - Brooksthebrook

7 x100 Big Bang Attack

This attack is short ranged but does a huge amount of damage for only using 3 damage. It's the - Brooksthebrook

8 Body Change

If you are getting beaten badly you can change bodies change the game. The attack is relatively short ranged and is hard to hit. Also your opponent can pop a capsule to regain their health. - Brooksthebrook

9 Chain Destructo-disc Barrage

I use chain destructo disk barrage on my 1st preset and final flash in 2nd preset.
Of course if you are looking for damage you will go with final flash but just because chain destructo disc barrage is nearly impossible to evade and can do good damage if ki blast supers attribute is high,this makes this as the best ultimate in the game.
You can get this attack from pq 16 or feom the shop at 25,000 zeni after amdroid saga.

This attack fires five destructo discs that home and cannot be blocked. The discs move relatively slow and don't do a lot of damage. - Brooksthebrook

10 Emperor Death Beam

The cheapest attack. You fire multiple death beams. The more ki you have the more death beams you can shoot. With around ten bars of ki. You can 1 hit kill almost any opponent. The death beams are really quick also so you are unlikely to miss. - Brooksthebrook

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