Good Warrior Cat Names for Rogues

This is a list of good warrior cat names for rogues! I hope you enjoy and you can use these if you write a warriors book about ROGUES!

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1 Radiance

I am soon going to write a fanfic about rogues, this will help me a lot! Thanks! - Wolftail

Radiance means Bright and glowing, so if it was a silver- she-cat with bright eyes, It would be a good name.

Pack: The Pack Of Glowing Stars
Gender: She-cat/fae
Rank: Leader - Frosteyes

Also I would make this cat be a golden colored tom who is smart and sneaky. He is evil and betrays his clan and KILLS EVERYONE WITH THE POWER OF LE ILLUMANATI.

So yeah. - - CreekBurr

Wow, Just wow.

Google Definition of Radiance: light or heat as emitted or reflected by something or. the flux of radiation emitted per unit solid angle in a given direction by a unit area of a source.

Wow, this is a Amazing name!

G o o d J o b! - CreekBurr

2 Flare
3 Rose

This would be a good name for a slightly pink shecat with grey stripes. (GREYSTRIPE ~you know, the betrayer~)

Pack; The Pack Of Fallen Leaves
Gender: she-cat/fae
Rank: Medicine rebel - Frosteyes

4 Star
5 Concrete

For a gray cat.

Pack: Hard Rocks rogue pack
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy - Frosteyes

A Sand-colored tom with a Long scar from his to his paw, ( Like Snowfuft )
He is a Strong, Independant, and Smart.

He got exiled out of ThunderClan for being a Yandere. - CreekBurr

6 Scar

For a black cat with maybe a scar anywhere.

Pack: The Pack Of Bloody Lakes
Gender: tom
Rank: Deputy - Frosteyes

Cool name.

7 Sky

A blue-grey Bluestar looking cat.
Pack: Flame Sunrise Rogue Pack
Gender: Tom
Rank: Kit - Frosteyes

8 Fallen
9 Autumn
10 Crow

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11 Zero


12 Drip
13 Desolare

This name is a very lean cat and always want to take revenge on anyone who betrayed him.

This may be an evil cat but he is just stressed about his life. Well, like me. :>

Like it,

I love weird names like this one. - CreekBurr

Latin for desolation which means to abandon.
Called Deso or Lare for short.
Is a dark reddish tom with dark amber eyes.
Abandoned his clan to take to living the life of a scornful rouge, and will one day take revenge on the clan who had denied his leadership.

14 Butterfly
15 Bob

A brown tabby tom. He's just Bob

"Knock knock."
Who's there?
Bob who!
"Bob. Meow."

16 Scarlet

A pretty cat
Pack:pack of glowing stars

17 Ajax

Ajax is a gray cat
Pack or home:the pack of glowing stars
Rank:Deputy or 2nd in command.

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18 Mariana
19 Eversky

A mysterious cat.

Eversky. Let me breath it all in.
She's a beautiful golden brown tabby she-cat with white belly and chest. A catwing, last of her kind, she must find a way to be accepted for who she is in the human city. She's being hunted, by mean, wicked Tom's that will kill her if they get the chance.
But she won't give them that chance.

20 Wish
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