Good Warrior Cat Names for Rogues

This is a list of good warrior cat names for rogues! I hope you enjoy and you can use these if you write a warriors book about ROGUES!

The Top Ten

1 Radiance

I am soon going to write a fanfic about rogues, this will help me a lot! Thanks! - Wolftail

Radiance means Bright and glowing, so if it was a silver- she-cat with bright eyes, It would be a good name.

Pack: The Pack Of Glowing Stars
Gender: She-cat/fae
Rank: Leader - Frosteyes

2 Flare
3 Rose

This would be a good name for a slightly pink shecat with grey stripes. (GREYSTRIPE ~you know, the betrayer~)

Pack; The Pack Of Fallen Leaves
Gender: she-cat/fae
Rank: Medicine rebel - Frosteyes

4 Star
5 Concrete V 1 Comment
6 Scar

For a black cat with maybe a scar anywhere.

Pack: The Pack Of Bloody Lakes
Gender: tom
Rank: Deputy - Frosteyes

Cool name.

7 Sky

A blue-grey Bluestar looking cat.
Pack: Flame Sunrise Rogue Pack
Gender: Tom
Rank: Kit - Frosteyes

8 Fallen
9 Autumn
10 Butterfly

The Newcomers

? Hawk
? River

The Contenders

11 Bob

A brown tabby tom. He's just Bob

"Knock knock."
Who's there?
Bob who!
"Bob. Meow."

12 Zero V 1 Comment
13 Drip
14 Crow
15 Scarlet V 1 Comment
16 Ajax

Ajax is a gray cat
Pack or home:the pack of glowing stars
Rank:Deputy or 2nd in command.

V 3 Comments
17 Mariana
18 Eversky

A mysterious cat.

Eversky. Let me breath it all in.
She's a beautiful golden brown tabby she-cat with white belly and chest. A catwing, last of her kind, she must find a way to be accepted for who she is in the human city. She's being hunted, by mean, wicked Tom's that will kill her if they get the chance.
But she won't give them that chance.

19 Lyra
20 Fire
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