Good Warrior Cat Names for Rogues

This is a list of good warrior cat names for rogues! I hope you enjoy and you can use these if you write a warriors book about ROGUES!

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1 Radiance

I LOVE this name! I can imagine a ginger cat with this name

This is awesome like so cool. Whoever came up with this is awesome.

My StarClan this is great! Everyone in the band of rogues is jeleous of this cats name! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I imagine an all black cat with emerald green eyes.

2 Flare

My favorite! I imagine a lean flame-pelted tabby tom with sharp amber eyes.

O-O. Honestly, when I first saw this, I was shocked. Beautiful! I imagine a pretty and elegant she-cat, and quite young too. Her mother is Flame and her father is Ash. She has 1 siblings, Cinder, and lives peacefully. Her mate she will meet might be named, Lion.


I used this. He was a broad shouldered tom with ginger fur and forest green eyes. - Rainpetal

I used this one, he was a russet colored tom with amber eyes.

3 Rose

I imagine a small fluffy brown tabby. - Lilycat14192

I love this one

This would be a good name for a slightly pink shecat with grey stripes. (GREYSTRIPE ~you know, the betrayer~)

Pack; The Pack Of Fallen Leaves
Gender: she-cat/fae
Rank: Medicine rebel - Frosteyes

4 Star

Perfect jet black shecat with a yellow eye and a blue eye

This is a good name for a yellow cat.
Pack: The Pack Of Radiant Sparks
Gender: Shecat or tom
Rank: Leader. - Frosteyes

5 Concrete

Perfect name for a cat I think of a blueish grey cat with white and a darker grey

For a gray cat.

Pack: Hard Rocks rogue pack
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy - Frosteyes

6 Scar

My cat is named this! She is a dark red she-cat with bright green eyes. Her father is Scourge. She has a long scar across her flank, and a cut on her muzzle.

For a black cat with maybe a scar anywhere.

Pack: The Pack Of Bloody Lakes
Gender: tom
Rank: Deputy - Frosteyes

Good for a BloodClan cat in my opinion.

Cool name.

7 Sky

A blue-grey Bluestar looking cat.
Pack: Flame Sunrise Rogue Pack
Gender: Tom
Rank: Kit - Frosteyes

I like it

8 Fallen

A Siamese looking cat

Love it!

A brown cat.
Pack: The Pack Of Rising Moons
Gender: She-cat/fae
Rank: Rebellion - Frosteyes

9 Autumn

Name- Autumn
Pelt- Golden brown
Eyes- Bright Amber
She is a quiet she cat and used to be in Meadowclan but realised she didn't like clan life. A very kind and compassionate cat with a big heart. She lives with her mate Ice, and their kits Cloud, Comet, Raven and Violet. Ice is very protective over her and they love each other very much. The family live in a barn near Meadowclan territory

It's a pretty name, except I'm assuming they'd have to be a kittypet first. A forest cat would never name their kit Autumn, because they don't know what that is. Different seasons, after all.

Former kittypet, or maybe a loner named by Twolegs. - TheCrystalWolf

An orange cat.
Pack: The Pack Of Growing Plants
Gender: She-cat/fae
Rank: Senior Rebellion
Mentor: Scar - Frosteyes

10 Nova

I have an AU warriors tribe story where cats are named one word and when they are "warriors" they get to choose their name. My main character is named Nova :o

Nova, the name for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, is a nice choice for a name; the cat could have a bright pelt color, and could have a hobby like Star gazing, since Nova is a another word for a bright star. Nova could also maybe also have big, starry eyes and their head is always in the clouds. So, Nova is a bright colored cat with big starry eyes, loves to Stargaze and fantasizes way too much.

This name is used in ALL of my stories. I love the name Night, but since it's used way too much, I use Nova. Nova is also one of my rogues in my OC's!

Cool For White Cats

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11 Zero

Zero is a good name for black and white cats. It seems like a mysterious cat.

I named my own cat Zero it's a very good name.

nice name.


12 Lyra

I imagine a white and gray mottled she-cat with piercing blue eyes and darker gray ears, and tail. Sweet personality, fast, smart, and quick witted.

This is actually a really unique and cool name, and I really believe this should be #1... I would imagine this to be a white pelted cat with calico gray spots and deep blue eyes. So cuteee!

Lyra in a book my friend is writing is a sleek cream she-cat with blue eyes. Despite her cute name, she's actually one of the cruelest rogues when it comes to clan cats, but she'd give up her life for the other rogues she lives with.

She's actually a flame point Siamese cat.

A dark grey she-cat with stripes that are silver and spots that are shades of lighter grey and white, her eyes being blue. She's quick on her feet, sly, and gracefully clever.

13 Eversky

In my opinion, this cat sounds like they move through the forest mainly at day, but stalks around. She sounds like a kinder rouge than most.

A tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, part of BloodClan. Arrogant

A mysterious cat.

I LOVE YOU if I was a cat my name would be Eversky!

14 Bob

A brown tabby tom. He's just Bob

Maybe this cat will have two siblings named Billy an’ Joe? Y’all know, Billy, Bob, an’ Joe?

"Knock knock."
Who's there?
Bob who!
"Bob. Meow."


15 Drip

A small grey tabby tom with piercing blue eyes and one white paw. he's sweet and innocent, and only the size of a new apprentice, although fully grown. He has a wild heart and loves foolishly, which is how he ended up the mate Lyra.

A blue-gray she cat with a white muzzle, belly, and paws. -Archie

Cute but fiesty sounds like a small light grey tabby with blue eyes

16 Butterfly

A yellow shecat.
Pack: Flying Eagles Rogue Pack - Frosteyes

I am writing a book with names like these... here are some more.
Star (my heroine)
Flame (Another hero)
Hawk (another)
Slash (the villain)
And Amber

17 Nefaria

She should be a kitty pet at first - froststar

I imagine a brown tabby cat that looks nice and playful but is very rude.
Gender:it’s a tabby but it’s a female ;-;
Oh and another thing,she was assumed to be a good warrior in a clan until she got kicked out for being too vicious. Hope you like my idea :P

18 Crow

A mean she-cat with gray eyes... EVIL

19 Ethereal

Why does this remind me of history lessons

Well, I think she would look nice as a beatiful she-cat with a grey pelt and a white tummy.

20 Blade

That is really cool

21 Prism

A white she-cat with black splodges, or a black tom with white splodges

I imagine a white she cat with icy blue eyes and a black diamond shape on her chest

Maybe a dark grey, almost black, cat with purplish-blue eyes

22 Shinji

I love this name! it's so unique.. it reminds me of a grey, white, and orange tabby mix.

23 Jinx

I can maybe see a she-cat or a tom moving through the night and if they ran into anybody they would persuade them that they were on their side... then once they're asleep they would attack their fellow "friend" and move on with life.

I imagine a sly black and white she cat, a rogue who had a big pride, and is very crafty and persuasive.

24 Lynx

I think she would look gray, blue, or white. She would probably have spots. I like this name. It's like a fierce and beautiful she-cat!

25 Scarlet

I like the name a lot. The sound of it is very satisfying for a cat.

This is my cat's name

A pretty cat
Pack:pack of glowing stars

26 Wish

This is an awesome name! I'd think of a fluffy light gray she-cat with a soft personality. She would be a loner since she would be too soft to be a rogue.

27 Siren

Awesome name for a rogue or loner or even a warrior I imagine Siren as a cream she-cat with a black face,tail, ears and muzzle with bright blue eyes her warrior name would Sirenbriar she acts feminine but is very resilient

I love this name

A mysterious muscular black she-cat that is stubborn(like me), rebellious, and bold. Her tongue is sharp, and she's always proving you wrong.

28 Desolare

This name is a very lean cat and always want to take revenge on anyone who betrayed him.

This may be an evil cat but he is just stressed about his life. Well, like me. :>

Latin for desolation which means to abandon.
Called Deso or Lare for short.
Is a dark reddish tom with dark amber eyes.
Abandoned his clan to take to living the life of a scornful rouge, and will one day take revenge on the clan who had denied his leadership.

29 Erstwhile

Sounds really cool!

30 Mariana
31 Mitch
32 Dice

I imagine a white tom with faded black dapples here and there, along with a more noticeable oddly shaped dot around his right eye. A small black nose, and faded black ear tufts, and slightly more noticeable black toes. He would have some dark faded grey patches by the black ones, blending his markings in better.

33 Ajax

This means strong and courage.

I love this name it is good for a outlaw and loners to.

Ajax is a gray cat
Pack or home:the pack of glowing stars
Rank:Deputy or 2nd in command.

A Gray cat
Pack-pack of glowing stars

34 Rain

Rain actually has a pretty sad story... and a sad or violent death - froststar

I would imagine Rain to be somewhat of a sad cat. I would imagine a cat named rain to be a fluffy cat with a gray and white pelt and dark colored eyes. I would imagine them being a pessimistic and always pretty sad. They usually get caught up of the sad realities of life, and is never truly happy. They would always try to leave some big impact on everyone so when they die, they aren't forgotten. Whatever rain does is always taken for granted, since rain helps everything grow (Like trees) and once it does disappears; everyone realizes that they needed Rain and nothing can function without Rain.

One of Darktail's "Kin"
Well, he was, until... - TheCrystalWolf

35 Whisper

The cat I'm using for this name is a shaggy white she cat with lighter gray dapples. I was thinking of using something like Blizzard or Dice but I decised this one because she is a quiet deadly sort of cat and only uses words when totally needed.

I think it would me a good name for a small silver she-cat

Yup this is a good name :3

36 Fox

"a sort of orange-colored tom/she-cat, good name for a possibly rough or mean cat"

37 Tuski

Reminds me of a pale cream tom with emerald green eyes. He's very calm and wise and friendly though very clumsy.

38 Polarize

Great name! I see this name for a black cat with a white tail and echo-like yellow eyes.

39 Maple

A red tabby she cat

40 Polaroid

Imagine a muscular black tom with white spots along his back and ear tips, with three speckles underneath his eyes and round white eyebrows. He would have piercing blue eyes.

41 Velvet

Now I want cake... - TheCrystalWolf

I love it so much, and it reminds me of cake :3

42 Ace

My oc

43 Fire
44 Tallgrass
45 Jet

Love it but Jet is canon. He's one of the cats in Jingle's group of loners/rogues in the Power of Three. - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I really like this I think it would be a jet black she-cat

Jet has two meanings;
1) There is a stone named Jet
2) A type of Aircraft
The stone, Jet is a black stone; making it good for black cats, for it is common name for black cat oc's to be named Jet in the warrior cat fandom. The other word for jet; a aircraft could mean this cat is quick on its feet and or likes to be in high places; like buildings, Trees, etc. So if you are looking for a name for a black cat who is great at running and or loves to be in high places, choose this name.

46 Storm

I imagine a she grey cat, with blue or green eyes. Matter, tangled fur and Deep amber eyes. Storm loses her temper easily.

47 River

That's my cats name!

48 Hawk

I imagine a tom with a brown-ish coloured pelt, almost tabby like. - Born in windclan

49 Sleet
50 Burn
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