Good Warrior Cat Names for Rogues

This is a list of good warrior cat names for rogues! I hope you enjoy and you can use these if you write a warriors book about ROGUES!

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21 Erstwhile

Yes this IS a word.
Google definiton: At one time, for a time.

A small Gray tabby She-cat she is a Rogue she is a yandere and lost her love of her life and the suicides and that's THE END::::::! DD - CreekBurr

22 Lyra
23 Fire
24 Tallgrass
25 RatBite
26 Nefaria
27 Mitch
28 Dice
29 Tuski
30 Shinji
31 Kathy
32 Siren

A mysterious muscular black she-cat that is stubborn(like me), rebellious, and bold. Her tongue is sharp, and she's always proving you wrong.

33 Jet

Jet has two meanings;
1) There is a stone named Jet
2) A type of Aircraft
The stone, Jet is a black stone; making it good for black cats, for it is common name for black cat oc's to be named Jet in the warrior cat fandom. The other word for jet; a aircraft could mean this cat is quick on its feet and or likes to be in high places; like buildings, Trees, etc. So if you are looking for a name for a black cat who is great at running and or loves to be in high places, choose this name.

34 Nova

Nova, the name for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, is a nice choice for a name; the cat could have a bright pelt color, and could have a hobby like Star gazing, since Nova is a another word for a bright star. Nova could also maybe also have big, starry eyes and their head is always in the clouds. So, Nova is a bright colored cat with big starry eyes, loves to Stargaze and fantasizes way too much.

35 Rain
36 Storm
37 River
38 Hawk
39 Ethereal

Gaseous, invisible but detectable. Is the definition.

White small, puny, She-cat. - CreekBurr

40 Sleet
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