Top 10 Good Yet Flawed Songs

You might not care about this, but this list is about songs that are flawed for any reason. Not to be confused with worst songs as that’s about bad songs, but there are even good songs that have their own flaws. Some songs sound like they weren’t properly made.
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1 Who are You - The Who Who are You - The Who Cover Art

It's the top single by the Who in the U.S. though there are flaws. The tempo of 156.4 bpm (39.1 measures per minute) is 1 thing to think about & there are lots of songs that are 160 bpm (40 bars per minute) & the mid 150's is also common for such rock. Though Vivace does begin at 156 bpm (39 notes per minute) & Who Are You passed that. The biggest flaw in this though is the energy of the song. It sounds kinda light for rock when it could've been heavy & blasting. There are other rock songs which have more intense & furious energy. It's a progressive rock song but even toward the end it's not so heavy like what Nirvana for example did.

2 Livin’ la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin Livin’ la Vida Loca - Ricky Martin Cover Art

This's the song that started the Latin pop movement in music. Thanks to him. However there's 1 flaw & it's the tempo falling shy of 180 bpm (45 measures per minute) when he made it at 178 bpm (44.5 bars/notes per minute). Given the potential, a 180 bpm Latin pop song could've made history & 180 bpm is more popular & understandable to many than 178 bpm is. It's the only flaw in the song while everything else about it is spot on.

3 American Pie - Don McLean American Pie - Don McLean Cover Art

It was a classic & will never be forgotten. However there's 1 little flaw. The tempo. The artist & producers could've made it 140 bpm (35 measures per minute) & it would've sounded a perfect & catchy song to get into. Not that it's bad, but it's played half a bpm (as in 0.125 bars per minute) therefore it's 139.5 bpm (34.875 notes per minute). I know you might not find this difference a big deal, but it matters when it comes to listening & especially the fact that beats make up measures which are also known as bars & notes. Certain notes per minute contribute to perfect listening experiences & you know why many EDM songs play at 128 bpm (which's 32 measures/bars/notes per minute)? It's double the average heart rate of most people. If it were 140 bpm, it could've gained more success even if a little bit. It's like he took a bite off the 140 rating (no pun intended).

4 The Heat is On - Glenn Frey The Heat is On - Glenn Frey Cover Art
5 bad guy - Billie Eilish bad guy - Billie Eilish Cover Art

This song is good, but it has at least 2 flaws. 1st of all the tempo's a bit under the potential it had, which was 135 bpm (33.75 measures per minute) when it turns out it was made at 134.9 bpm (33.725 bars per minute). You can play this & Infinity Sign by Coldplay for example & the 2 would get out of sync by 1 bpm (0.25 notes per minute) after 10 minutes (despite both songs being shorter than that). The other flaw is that it's so short even for a song of any genre. This song would've sounded better at 135 bpm & 6.5 minutes instead of 134.9 bpm & 3.25 minutes. It would've been great for 5 minutes of dance pop before 1.5 minutes of trap pop (if it needed any) instead of only 2.25 minutes of dance pop with 1 minute of trap pop. It could've been better if it were a 7 minute song with all of it being dance pop. It would've gained more success in better fashion, though the success it gained was off the charts, going at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 & even winning a Grammy in 2020.

6 Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ Cover Art

It was a smash hit, topping many video countdowns & becoming their most biggest hit to this day. The only flaw was the tempo falls shy of its potential rating. It plays at 158 bpm (39.5 measures per minute) when they could've made it a 160 bpm (40 bar/note per minute) song. That could've been their anthem of such rating & it could've made it even more successful than it has. Nonetheless it was their greatest hit & it even went viral on TikTok, prompting them to make an explicit version with a modern style for the adult TikTok audience & also serve as goodbye to awful 2020.

7 Animal - Ke$ha Animal - Ke$ha Cover Art

It was a great dance pop song, but the dance only took up segments of the song & stopped multiple times throughout.

8 See You Again - Miley Cyrus See You Again - Miley Cyrus Cover Art
9 What Does the Fox Say - Ylvis What Does the Fox Say - Ylvis Cover Art

I know it's said to be all annoying with the vocals & purpose, but the background sure is catchy though the problem with it is the tempo. It's 128 bpm (32 measures per minute) which's typical for EDM (which this is), but when you hear the ending, you'll see it would've sounded better at 126 bpm (31.5 bars/notes per minute).

10 Toxic - Britney Spears Toxic - Britney Spears Cover Art

It could've sounded better with 4 by 4 hi-hats which weren't added to the song when it was being made. Nonetheless it was her most successful fast-paced dance pop song to date.

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11 Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Cover Art

It was a good song & it was certainly the biggest debut by a female at the time this year (yet spent the longest time at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 by a female artist in 2021 then). The real flaw is the lack of hi-hats in between each kick beat.

12 Turning Japanese - The Vapors Turning Japanese - The Vapors Cover Art

It was the only hit by them, but the real flaw is the tempo falling short of 180 bpm (45 measures per minute) which was such a huge potential for this song because instead they played it at 179.4 bpm (44.85 bars/notes per minute). Nonetheless they're 1 hit wonders.

13 The Loud House - Michelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell & Chris Savino

It's only flaw is not getting the tempo at 180 bpm (45 measures per minute) which's more understandable to all ages whereas 176 bpm (44 bars/notes per minute) which this theme song plays at is less popular in music & not as many people understand that tempo.

14 Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra Cover Art

This was supposed to be the happiest song on Earth. It could've been even happier if they didn't give it a flaw such as putting it at a 178 bpm (44.5 measure per minute) tempo whereas it would've been flawless at a reasonable (yet popular) tempo of 180 bpm (45 bars/notes per minute) which's more understandable. Yet it was meant to sound as upbeat in mood as possible.

15 Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega Cover Art

His version of Mambo #5 was a smash hit, though its only flaw is a lack of a 180 bpm (45 measure per minute) remaster at the very least. It could've been great if it were that pace even from the start when it was originally 174 bpm (43.5 bars per minute) & with the remaster at 179.8 bpm (44.95 notes per minute). He's still a 1 hit wonder for it & it topped the global charts since its release & still remains a hit to all ages today.

16 Be the One - Dua Lipa Be the One - Dua Lipa Cover Art

It could've been her chance to make a 180 bpm (45 measure per minute) anthem for that instance, but that's where the flaw of this song lies. I know I said much about it on items, but it's played at 174 bpm (43.5 bars/notes per minute) & more people understand 180 bpm & can time it better than those who understand & time 174 bpm. Think of the structures of measures/bars/notes as well as timing in beats & notes. Either way it has the right instruments & vocals but it could've used a better tempo & should get a 180 bpm remaster at some point. Yet since this was interpolated in Power by Ellie Goulding, that song also needs a 180 bpm (or 90 bpm sounding) remaster too.

17 Let’s Sort the Whole Thing Out - Carly Rae Jepsen Let’s Sort the Whole Thing Out - Carly Rae Jepsen Cover Art

It was good though she wasted her chance of making a lively & fast song. Lively songs are at least 156 beats per minute (39 notes per minute) in tempo, but she put this at 155 bpm (38.75 notes/bars/measures per minute) which's halfway between 150 & 160, but not quite at the point of being lively.

18 Hey Ya - Outkast Hey Ya - Outkast Cover Art
19 Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson Cover Art
20 Into the Groove - Madonna Into the Groove - Madonna Cover Art

It's called Into the Groove, which means the energy of dancing your feet off. Therefore that takes a tempo of at least 120 bpm (30 measures per minute) but this song plays at 116 bpm (29 bars/notes per minute), so more like Into the Warm Up.

21 Express Yourself - Madonna Express Yourself - Madonna Cover Art

It's meant to make you dance, but it's 116 bpm (29 measures per minute) & full energy dance is at least 120 bpm (30 bars/notes per minute).

22 We're All in This Together - High School Musical We're All in This Together - High School Musical Cover Art

In HSM, the characters were getting everyone dancing their feet in full energy & it was supposed to help viewers & listeners dance like that as well. This takes a tempo of at least 120 bpm (30 measures per minute), but it played at 116 bpm (29 bars/notes per minute) which's for warming up instead, so the tempo missed the song's purpose.

23 Idfwfeelings - Upsahl Idfwfeelings - Upsahl Cover Art

Although it has a vulgar title & lyrics, the beat is actually pretty good for today's music. The only flaw in that matter is the lack of sufficient open hats. Only 1 open hat per measure/bar/note. This could've sounded even better with 4 open hats per such.

24 Call Me Thunder - Bonnie Tyler Call Me Thunder - Bonnie Tyler Cover Art

It's the longest song in her newest album The Best is Yet to Come (which came out in February 2021), but that's an uneven 4 minutes 39 seconds. She could've made it 4 minutes 40 seconds or even 5 minutes. Well it looks like songs don't necessarily have evenly timed durations despite the fact that music is timed right & it ends like a radio edit. She should make an extended version that's like 5 minutes long or so without any fading at the end.

25 Pump It Up - Elvis Costello & The Attractions Pump It Up - Elvis Costello & The Attractions Cover Art
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